How to Remove ATV Tire from Rim in 5 Simple Steps

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Riding ATV on rocks, sand, dirt, and water is the fun and adventure you enjoy as an off-roader. To go on uninterrupted, you might have to replace the ATV tires from time to time. If you can do it yourself, this will prevent potential accidents and getting stranded along the trails. If your tire fails on the move, you can’t wait for professional help.

Removing ATV tires from its rim is a simple 6-step task that includes detaching the wheels from ATV, deflating the tires, breaking the tire beads, and separating the tire from the wheel rim.

Our guide on mounting ATV tires on rim should give a clear idea of the removal process and how to prepare for the job. However, this article will walk you through the specific how to remove ATV tire from rim guide and the complementary ideas. 

Preparations & Precautions

Preparation and precautions are a must to go flawless while removing ATV tires. Preparations include arranging the crucial tools and knowing how to use them. Our ATV tire mounting guide will give you a clear idea of what tools are needed and how they work.

You will remove a bad tire to replace it with your choosen ATV tire that you should buy seeing the suitable tire constructions for your desired traction, riding stability and puncture resistance. Even crucial, check the tire size measurements again and again as you cannot and shouldn’t go wrong in this regard.

You need the following tools when your task is limited to ATV tire removal only. 

  • A Jack Stand and Jack Floor
  • Bead Breaker
  • Tire Changing Spoons
  • Valve Stem Tool
  • Dish Washing Liquid/Soap water

These are the tools that should suffice when removing tires, but if you can afford them, two other tools can make this task effortless:

  • Tire Changing Machine
  • Manual Tire Changer

And detaching wheels from the ATV, breaking beads, and separating tires from the rim would require a flat surface to accomplish the tasks conveniently. 

Getting ATV tires off the rim Step by Step

Removing the ATV tire from the rim is generally easy. Here are the steps that can help you get started:

1. Remove the ATV wheel from the ATV

detaching wheels from ATV

Removing the ATV tire from the rim should start by removing it from the quad first. As you purpose to do this, ensure you make the lugs loose before you can even raise the quad using the jack. Once you have loosened the lugs, you can jack up the ATV and remove them in a crisscross or ‘X’ pattern. After that, remove the wheel from the ATV.

2. Deflate the wheel

After removing the wheel from the ATV, the next step is to deflate the tire. To deflate the tire, you should remove the cap. Depending on your tire, you might have to use the little notch on one side of the ATV wheel. 

Here, you will need to push its valve stem in so that the air present can be released from the tire. If you have a punch tool or a screwdriver, you can push the valve stem in and be good to go. After releasing the air, remove the valve cores using a valve remover tool.

3. Bead breaking

Breaking the bead on ATV tires, also known as unseating the tire from its rim, is a process that needs to be done if you plan to replace the existing tire. It may sound intimidating, but it can be quite simple with some essential tools and techniques.

How to Remove ATV Tire

Breaking the bead is crucial in ensuring that the rim can be removed safely and without damage. Not only does breaking the bead help maintain the tire’s integrity and trim, but it also prevents any potential safety risks while changing your tires. 

Breaking a tire’s bead involves using specialized tools to separate the tire wall from its core and can be done by hand or with a machine. The process helps allow for easier access to inner components such as valve stems, inner tubes, weights, or studs which are all essential to consider when swapping out tires. Our guide on how to break beads in ATV tires quickly and easily. 

4. Remove the tire from the rim

After dismantling the seal that holds the rim and the tire together, you can remove the tire from the rim. With the help of a tire iron, you can separate the tire from the tire. For optimal results, ensure you have a lubricant so the tire can be peeled off effortlessly. Something as simple as oil or dish soap will work magic for you.

Before you remove the tire, ensure that you place the tire irons in 3 different locations. The distance between them should be equal. Thereafter, apply your lubricant on the gaps and then use a pair of pliers and the tire iron to remove the ATV tire from the rim.

Removing tires from rim

At some point, you need to exert force to jerk off the tire from the rim. Once one side of the tire is out of the rim, slide the tire irons along the rim’s circumference, and you can remove the tire from the rim.

5. Clean the ATV rim and then apply another sealer

After removing the tire from the ATV rim, the next step is to clean the rim’s lips so that you can use another sealer. You should clean this section well so that a new tire can fit in well. This mainly helps to eliminate the stubborn gunk and debris that might be present. 

Although you might not need a bead sealer, you need to ensure that the rim’s lips remain clean. In fact, the bead sealer comes in handy if the tire bead is insufficient to seal well on its own. 

For instance, if your rim is bent or has been gashed, be certain you will need a bead sealer so your tire can remain in place. You can lube it up afterward to mount a new tire on the rim. 

How do you break the bead on an ATV tire without tools?

Breaking the bead on an ATV tire without tools can be challenging, but it is possible and needs some effort and determination. One of the simplest ways to do this is by using your body weight. Start by placing the tire on a flat surface and kneeling beside it.

Next, step onto the tire’s sidewall with one foot while holding onto the rim with your hands. Apply pressure to the sidewall until you hear a popping sound. That sound indicates that you have successfully broken the bead.

Another method involves using a piece of wood or metal as leverage. First, position one end of the object under the tire’s sidewall and place your foot on top of it.

Then, use your other foot to push down on top of the opposite sidewall while pulling up on both ends of the object simultaneously. However, this method requires enough physical strength to break through stubborn beads.

Breaking an ATV tire’s bead without tools requires strength, patience, and creativity. If you need a different method, consider seeking assistance from someone more experienced or investing in proper tools for future maintenance needs. 

How do you remove stubborn ATV tires?

ATV tires are meant to be stubborn; removing them is quite challenging. But creativity can make this task easier. One of the most effective techniques is to use a tire changer machine. These machines are specifically designed for removing and installing tires and come equipped with special tools that grip the tire firmly to prevent slippage.

Another method is to use tire irons or spoons. This technique requires some skill and experience because it uses leverage to pry the tire off the rim. To do this properly, you will need at least two tire irons – one to hold the bead down while you work on the other side.

Finally, try using heat to loosen up stubborn ATV tires. You can either place them in sunlight or use a heat gun to warm up both sides of the tire before attempting to remove it from its seat. The heat will cause thermal expansion and slightly loosen up your wheel’s grip on your ATV’s rim, making it easier to get those pesky tires off! 

How Much does ATV Tire Removal Cost?

ATV tire removal costs can vary widely depending on a few different factors. The first thing to consider is whether you plan to remove yourself or need to hire a professional. If you’re comfortable taking on the job yourself, plenty of DIY resources online can guide you through the process step by step. In this case, your only expenses will be for any necessary tools or equipment.

If you hire a professional for your ATV tire removal, costs will depend on where you live and who you choose as your service provider. Many mechanic shops offer this service and other vehicle maintenance and repair work. Prices typically range from $50-$150 for one tire removal, but this can vary based on location and other factors like labor rates.

Overall, while it’s possible to remove an ATV tire yourself with minimal expense (assuming you have access to necessary tools), hiring a professional is still a good option if you need more confidence in your ability or need the right equipment on hand.

With some research into local providers and price comparisons between options near where you live or ride regularly, it’s easy to find an affordable solution that meets your needs. 

How to dismount ATV Tires from RIM by hand? 

If you need access to specialized equipment, you can hand dismount your ATV tires from the rim. However, manual removal also requires a few simple tools and proper techniques. The first step is to deflate the tire completely using a valve stem tool or pliers. This will make it easier to remove the tire from the rim.

Next, pry one side of the tire off the rim using a tire lever or screwdriver. Insert your tool between the tire’s bead and the rim’s edge and push down on it to lift one side of the tire. Once this is done, use your hands to pull that side off completely. Then do the same for the other side until both sides are removed completely.

It’s important to be cautious while performing this task, as tires can be challenging and may cause injury if not handled properly. With some practice and patience, though, removing ATV tires by hand can save you time and money compared with taking them to an auto shop or buying exclusive and expensive tools like tire-changing machines. 

Master the Craft of ATV Tire Removal or Ask an Expert

Whether your ATV tires have expired the usual tire life or have started to develop slow punctures earlier than expected, you must be prompt to change them. As discussed above, learn how to remove the ATV tire from the rim. With tools such as a bead breaker or buster, you can start the most challenging part of dismantling the seal between the rim and the ATV tire. As precision in removing the tires is of utmost importance, you must master the removal techniques or invest in professional removal. 

Remember to cross-check ply rating and tire construction to ensure you have mounted the right tire so that you might not repeat the arduous task of removing and installing the tire.

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