Best NH ATV Trails – Top 14 Off-road Escapes in New Hampshire

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New Hampshire is a paradise for ATV enthusiasts, with hundreds of miles of trails that offer diverse and scenic riding experiences. Whether you are looking for a leisurely ride through the woods, a challenging climb up the mountains, or a thrilling adventure across the fields, NHV ATV trails are the perfect off-road destination.

Thousands of riders flock to the annual Jericho ATV Festival every year, where they can enjoy live music, food, vendors, and contests. You can also explore the Ride the Wilds network, which connects over 1,000 miles of trails across the northern part of the state.

This article will introduce you to the 14 best ATV trails in New Hampshire and provide some key details and tips for each trail.

Jericho Mountain State Park – Most Popular of NHV ATV Trails

Jericho Mountain State Park is one of the most popular destinations for ATV riders in Berlin, New Hampshire. The ATV Park has 85 miles of ATV trails, plus access to 1,000 miles of interconnected OHRV trails in the Ride the Wilds network. The trail surface varies from dirt and gravel to granite rock and mud.

Jericho mountain state park trails

White Mountains, the Androscoggin River, and Jericho Lake offer mesmerizing scenic views. Some of the notable attractions along the trail include the Jericho Lake Dam, the Jericho Mountain Fire Tower, and the Jericho Mountain Cemetery.

Your ATV riding in New Hampshire will remain incomplete but for the Jericho ATV Festival. It is an ATV enthusiast’s dream come true, featuring mud races, demo rides, aftermarket vendors, live music, delicious food, kid’s zone, trail riding, torchlit ATV parade and more. The annual jamboree takes place at Jericho Mountain State Park.

Weekend passes and single-day tickets are available online for those wondering about attending the festival. About 6000 4-wheelers participate in the festival, offering an opportunity to look at the latest and best ATVs in the industry.

Great North Woods Riders ATV Trails

These NH ATV Trails are a network of trails for ATV enthusiasts in Pittsburg, New Hampshire. The trail has over 120 miles of ATV trails, plus access to 1,000 miles of interconnected OHRV trails in the Ride the Wilds network. The trail surface varies from gravel and dirt roads to wooded and muddy trails.

The trails provide mouth-gaping scenic views of the Great North Woods, the Connecticut River, and the Canadian border. Some of the attractions along the trail include the Pittsburg Historical Society Museum, the Lake Francis State Park, and the Moose Alley.

Metallak ATV Trails – Latest Addition to NH ATV Trails

ATV Trails, there, welcome the off-roaders to the heart of ATV riding in Northern New Hampshire with the Metallak ATV Club. It’s a private club with a mission to weave a web of trails connecting the region’s rugged beauty.

Starting at the Coleman State Park trailhead, cruising over Sugar Hill, Metallak trails took on the challenge of the Balsams. Then, conquering Dixville Peaks, and winding through Nathan Pond trail, they meet the inviting embrace of Greenough Pond Road and The Millsfield Club trail system.

And that’s not all – the ATV club proudly opened the Rail Trail between Colebrook and Stewartstown back in 2013, creating a thrilling path for riders. But wait, there’s more. The towns of Stewartstown, Colebrook, and Columbia have joined forces, opening some roads and streets to make it easier for ATVs to access businesses and seamlessly connect with trails.

Kilkenny Trail Riders ATV Club Trails

The ATV Trails in New Hampshire has made up the network of trails for ATV riders in Lancaster and the surrounding areas, to be specific Coos County in New Hampshire.

Kilkenny trail riders ATV club trails

Nestled at the picturesque southern end of Coos County, these NH ATV trails mark the enchanting southwestern frontier of the Ride the Wilds network. In the charming towns of Lancaster and Groveton, you’re not just at the gateway to adventure; you also have easy access to local businesses and cozy accommodations. It’s the perfect starting point before embarking on the thrilling trails meticulously maintained by the Kilkenny Trail Riders Club.

Here is a seamless blend of small-town charm and rugged wilderness where you can stock up on supplies, enjoy local hospitality, and then dive headfirst into the off-road excitement. These trails are not just pathways; they’re gateways to a unique blend of exploration and relaxation.

Rockingham Recreational Trail

Located Near Route 107 and 111A, Windham, this off-road trail is constituted of two branches – 18 miles long Fermont branch and the Portsmouth Branch of the Boston and Maine Railroad, runs from Manchester to Newfields in New Hampshire. Rockingham recreational trail has 26-28 miles of trails, divided into three sections: Manchester to Candia (9 miles), Candia to Raymond (10 miles), and Raymond to Newfields (7 miles).

Rockingham recreational trail atv

Embracing all levels of ATV riders, the ATV trail offers an easy to moderate difficulty level, with mostly flat and straight terrain, except for some gentle curves and slopes. The trail passes through urban, suburban, and rural areas, with some wooded and wetland sections.

The mesmerizing views include the Merrimack River, the Lamprey River, and the Piscassic River. Not to end here, there are various historic and cultural landmarks, such as the Massabesic Lake, the Candia Depot, the Raymond Depot, and the Rockingham Junction.

Sugar River Recreation Trail

It is located in the western part of New Hampshire, connecting the towns of Newport and Claremont. This 9-mile long ATV trail runs along the Sugar River. The surface of the trail is mostly dirt and gravel, with some paved sections near the towns.

The trail is easy to moderate to rate its riding difficulty. It is mostly flat or gently sloping, with some small hills and curves. The trail crosses the Sugar River several times, passing through two historic covered bridges – the Wright’s Bridge and the Pier Bridge. The off-road trail also goes through woodlands, wetlands, and farmlands.

It offers scenic views of the Sugar River and its surroundings. The river is home to various wildlife, such as beavers, otters, ducks, and fish. The Sugar River trail, NH also showcases

the history and culture of the region, with signs and markers explaining the railroad, the bridges, and the towns. The NH ATV trail passes by several attractions, such as the Newport Historical Society Museum, the Claremont Opera House, and the Claremont MakerSpace.

Warren ATV Trail in New Hampshire

Warren ATV Trail is located on Success Pond Road in Warren, New Hampshire. The NH ATV trail map  says it is a 4 miles long trails, but connects directly to Mount Moosilauke ATV Club trails immediately to the south, which offer over 20 miles of additional trails.

warren nh atv trails

The trail offers mostly easy to moderate difficulty level, with some short segments that are a little rugged and chunky. The off-road trail passes through forests, wetlands, and fields, and crosses Black Brook.

The trail provides mind-blowing views of the White Mountains, the Androscoggin River, and Success Pond. Some of the attractions along the trail include a 1970 NASA rocket, the Success Hill ATV/UTV Only Trail, the Jericho Mountain Fire Tower, and the Success Pond Dam.

Embark on a thrilling ATV and UTV trail riding experience that kicks off in the shadow of none other than a colossal NASA Rocket – the legendary 70-foot-high Redstone Missile. This mammoth rocket, delivered in 1971, serves as more than just a monument. In fact, it’s a beacon of inspiration for local youth, igniting their passion for the awe-inspiring world of space exploration.

Ride the Wild Surf – The Longest NH ATV Trail

More than 1,000 miles of interconnected trails in Coos County, New Hampshire constitute the longest ATV trail system in the US. It is an excellent opportunity to take your ATV or UTV and go on a multi-day journey through scenic, breathtaking landscapes. You can access the trail system from various points, such as Coleman State Park, Berlin ATV Trails, Jericho Lake State Park, and Stratford.

ride the wilds nh

You can also find parking, food, and fuel along the way. The trail system is open for about three full seasons out of the year and is suitable for advanced and intermediate riders. If you are looking for a thrilling and adventurous ride, consider checking out Ride the Wild ATV Trail System.

New Durham Valley ATV Trails

The trails are located in New Durham, in the eastern part of New Hampshire. The trails are divided into the New Durham Trails and the Wakefield Trails. The New Durham Trails consist of town-owned class 6 roads open seasonally by the town of New Durham. The Wakefield Trails are accessed at 4936 White Mountain Highway, Wakefield, NH.

These ATV Trails have a total of 28 miles of ride winding through thick woods and offer panoramic views of nearby lakes and mountains. The 4-wheeler trails vary in surface, from dirt and gravel to rocks and mud. The trails are marked but not rated and are lightly maintained by the club.

New Durham Valley ATV Trails

The New Durham Valley ATV Trails are geared for the experienced rider due to short but rugged climbs and lots of loose chunk rocks covering the trails.

The trails offer stunning views of the surrounding nature – Merrymeeting Lake, the Blue Job Mountain, and the Moose Mountains. They pass by some historical landmarks, such as the Jones Cemetery, the Old Town Hall, and the Copp Farm.

Ammonoosuc Recreational Rail Trail

This NH ATV Trail is a 19.2-mile long trail that follows the former railbed of the Boston and Maine Railroad along the Ammonoosuc River in Northern New Hampshire. The New Hampshire ATV trail is open to multiple uses, including ATV, snowmobile, bike, horse, and foot traffic.

It connects the towns of Littleton, Lisbon, Bath, and Woodsville and offers a variety of scenery and attractions along the way. The trail’s difficulty level is mostly easy, but some sections may be challenging for cyclists or riders with low-clearance vehicles.

The Ammonoosuc River is a popular destination for fishing, kayaking, and canoeing. The trail also passes through forests, fields, wetlands, and farmland and crosses several bridges, including a historic 345-foot covered bridge in Bath built in 1832 and spans the trail and a waterfall. Along the trail, there are many historic sites, such as the Lisbon Depot, a restored 1868 railroad station that serves as a museum and rest area, and the birthplace of Eleanor H. Porter, the author of Pollyanna, in Littleton.

Mountain Mud Run Terrain Park

This NH ATV Park is an outdoor recreation park for ATVs, UTVs, and other off-road vehicles in Warren, New Hampshire. This is very small off-road park covering 63 acres of land with 12 miles of trails catering to all skill levels. The park is nestled in the White Mountain National Forest and offers a variety of terrain features, such as mud, rocks, hills, bridges, and obstacles.

The surface of the trails varies depending on the location and season. The difficulty level of the trails ranges from easy to extreme, depending on the rider’s preference and experience.

This new trail, inaugurated in 2017, has become an off-roading craze by now. Why? Find answer in the Mountain Mud Run ATV park overview.

Pisgah State Park ATV trails, NH

This is a large ATV park occupying 13,361-acre public recreation area in the Cheshire County towns of Winchester, Chesterfield and Hinsdale in New Hampshire. The park is named after Mount Pisgah, with its highest peak at 2,870 feet.

With nearly 62 miles of trails for hiking, biking, horseback riding, snowmobiling, and ATV riding. The NH off-road trails vary in length, difficulty, and surface, ranging from dirt, gravel, and grass to paved roads and bridges. Some popular trails include the Kilburn Loop Trail, the Reservoir Trail, the Baker Pond Trail, and the South Woods Trail.

Pisgah state park atv trails

The ATV Park offers trails for all levels of experience and ability, from easy to hard. The trails feature diverse terrain. This off-road park provides stunning views of mountains, forests, lakes, and rivers. To add to your fun, the Pisgah state park has seven ponds that are popular for fishing.

Depending on the weather and trail conditions, the 4-wheeler park is open from May to October.

Hopkinton-Everett Trails Area

The Area covers 26 miles trails for ATV, UTV, snowmobile, bike, horse, and foot traffic in Dunbarton, New Hampshire. As for Hopkinton everett trails area directions, the off-road trails are located near Everett Lake and follow the former Boston and Maine Railroad railbed along the Ammonoosuc River. Unlike other NH ATV trails, Hopkinton-Everett Trails are managed by the US Army Corps of Engineers and the local ATV and snowmobile clubs.

Gear up for an off-road escapade at the Hopkinton-Everett Trails Area, nestled within a US Army Corp of Engineers flood control project zone. Keep your eyes peeled because these trails might throw a surprise party by closing down for public fun, all in the name of flood control – no heads-up needed.

But fear not, the Merrimack Valley Trail Riders are on the scene, teaming up with the NH Bureau of Trails to keep things spick and span for your trail-blazing pleasure. Let the adventure begin.

Fort Hill Recreational Trail

Fort Hill Recreational Rail Trail, located in Hinsdale, NH, runs along the Connecticut River. Moreover, it connects to the Ashuelot Recreational Rail Trail at Dole Junction. The trail is 9 miles long and has a dirt, gravel, sand, and cinder surface.

The trail is suitable for biking, hiking, horseback riding, snowshoeing, nordic skiing, snowmobiling, and mushing. It has a mostly flat and smooth terrain with moderate slopes and curves. It also has a wooden bridge over the Ashuelot River and a causeway over a setback of the Connecticut River.

The panoramic views include the Connecticut River, the White Mountain National Forest, and the Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Station. It also passes by the Warren Rocket, a Redstone rocket that is on public display in the town of Warren.

The trail has three parking areas, one at each end and one in the middle. There is a camping area and a cabin that can be rented for overnight stays.

The trail hosts several special events and activities, such as the King of the Mountain RC Bouncer Race Series, which involves remote-controlled bouncers that compete on a miniature version of the trail.

What is the Best ATV Trail in New Hampshire?

The best ATV trails depends on your personal preference and skill level. We have reviewed 14 most popular and highly rated ATV trails in New Hampshire. Among them, the three are my personal favorites.

Jericho Mountain State Park has over 85 miles of ATV and UTV trails that form easy-riding loops. The trails are well-maintained and offer a variety of terrains, such as hard-pack, loose dirt, sand, rocks, and mud.

The Rockingham Recreational Trails cover 28 miles of scenic wilderness in the northern part of the state, near Pittsburg, NH. They are part of the Ride the Wilds network, the longest off-highway recreational vehicle trail system in the U.S.

Pisgah State Park Trail spans over 62 miles. The trail offers stunning views of the mountains and the pond and has some challenging sections for advanced riders.

These are 3 of the best NH ATV trails but there are many more to explore and enjoy. You can find more information and maps on the websites of the trail systems or the ATV clubs that maintain them. So, gear up and get ready to Ride the Wilds at the southwestern end – where adventure meets comfort in the heart of Coos County.

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