Why is Mountain Mud Run Terrain Park so Popular in New Hampshire?

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If you are looking for a thrilling and adventurous off-road experience, check out the Mountain Mud Run Terrain Park in New Hampshire. This is a 63-acre outdoor recreation park, a small off-road park that offers 12 miles of trails with various levels of difficulty and terrain features.

Whether you have an ATV, a UTV, a jeep, a buggy, or a bouncer, you will find something to challenge and excite you at this off-road park. You will usually feel more than curious about more details before visiting the Mountain Mud Run ATV Park. Read on.

Name and Location

The trail’s name is Mountain Mud Run Terrain Park, located at 161 Lake Tarleton Road, Rt. 25C, Warren, NH. The ATV park is nestled in the White Mountain National Forest, which offers scenic views and natural attractions. The park is open year-round, but you must make a reservation to use the trails. Contact the park at (603) 764-5503 or visit their website.

Mountain Mud Run Terrain Park History & Development

Mountain Mud Run off-road Park, situated in Warren, NH, is the brainchild of co-owners and off-road enthusiasts John and Brenda Lester. The park’s inception, sparked by the legendary off-road prowess of the “GOAT,” a big block Chevrolet, became a local phenomenon for its exceptional performance in mud and rocks. Established six years ago in 2017, the park has continuously evolved under the Lesters’ stewardship.

Nestled in the White Mountain National Forest on a sprawling 63-acre parcel of land, the park boasts 12 miles of trails catering to various skill levels. Major enhancements, including improvements to the rock crawl and mud venues and adding two bounty hills and race hills, have contributed to the park’s dynamic growth.

Offering diverse activities such as Mud Bog, MeGaCross, Rock Crawl, Bouncer and Buggy Hill Climbs, W.E. Rock events, and Peterson’s Ultimate OffRoad Adventure, the park has garnered attention, receiving 5.3 million hits from Busted Knuckle Films and featuring in NH Chronicles.

Boasting 60 rustic campsites with amenities like electric and water access, along with a bandstand for events, Mountain Mud Run Terrain Park has solidified its place as a premier off-road destination. For further details, interested enthusiasts can visit the park’s website or contact them directly through phone or email.

Length and Surface of Mountain Mud Run ATV Park

As mentioned at the outset, this off-road park has 12 miles of trails covering 63 acres of land. The trails vary in length and surface, depending on the difficulty level and terrain features. Some trails are easy and smooth, while others are hard and rocky. Some trails have mud pits, rock gardens, hill climbs, and obstacles. The park also has a track for racing and a pit for freestyle. To add to the off-roading thrill, the park constantly adds new trails and features to keep the riders entertained and challenged.

Difficulty level: Effortlessly Navigable to Extreme

Nestled within the confines of a transformed quarry, Mountain Mud Run Terrain beckons adventure ATV (off-road) enthusiasts like no other. Talking about Mountain Mud Run Terrain Park difficulty map or level it caters to riders across all levels of experience. Thus, it offers a thrilling array of terrains ranging from the effortlessly navigable to the heart-pounding extreme.

Trails in Mountain Mud Run ATV Park in NH

Immerse yourself in the visceral excitement of mud bogs that challenge both skill and machine. Conquer towering rock formations with the finesse of a seasoned crawler or defy gravity with exhilarating jumps. Navigate side hills that demand a delicate balance, descend formidable steps with heart-pounding anticipation, and master tight maneuvers that call for a perfect blend of agility and speed.

Mountain Mud Run Terrain is not just an ATV park; it’s an adrenaline-fueled playground where every trail tells a story of triumph and excitement. Whether you’re a novice seeking a taste of off-road bliss or a seasoned rider hungry for the ultimate challenge, this ATV haven promises an unforgettable experience amidst the raw beauty of its varied landscapes. Get ready to ride the pulse-pounding waves of adventure at Mountain Mud Run Terrain.

Mountain Mud Run Terrain Park Features Map/Overview

Rock Bouncer and Buggy Hill Climbs: These steep and rocky hills require a lot of power and skill to climb. They are popular among rock bouncers and buggies, who compete to see who can reach the top fastest and with the most style.

Rock Crawling: This type of off-road riding involves navigating over large and uneven rocks. It requires a lot of precision, control, and a specially modified vehicle. The park has several rocks crawling areas, including the WeRock, the 4Lo Crawlers, and the NorthEast Offroad Association Rock Crawl Series.

Mud Pits: These are large and deep pools of mud that require a lot of speed and traction to cross. They are popular among mud and mega trucks, who splash and spin through the mud. The park has mud pits for different classes of mud trucks, from stock to unlimited.

Freestyle Pit: This is a large and open area where riders can perform tricks and stunts with their vehicles. It is popular among the freestyle riders, who show off their skills and creativity. The park has ramps, jumps, and obstacles for the freestyle riders.

Scenic Views and Attractions along the Trail

Mountain Mud Run Terrain Park offers scenic views and natural attractions along the trail. Prominent of sights and attractions include:

Lake Tarleton in Mountain Mud Run ATV Park, NH

Lake Tarleton

This is a large and beautiful lake adjacent to the park. It offers a refreshing and relaxing view and a place to swim and fish. The lake is also home to various wildlife, such as ducks, geese, and beavers.

It covers an area of 334 acres and has a maximum depth of 66 feet. The lake is home to various fish species, such as rainbow trout, brown trout, lake trout, smallmouth bass, chain pickerel, and horned pout. There are opportunities for swimming, canoeing, hunting, and boating.

There is a public boat launch less than a quarter mile from the lake, and a sandy beach that is part of the Lake Tarleton State Park. It is a 48-acre undeveloped area that provides a scenic view of the surrounding mountains and forests. The lake is named after Colonel William Tarleton, a Revolutionary War hero and a prominent citizen of Piermont, one of the towns bordering the lake.

The lake is also close to the birthplace of Alan Shepard, the first American astronaut in space, and the site of a decommissioned Redstone Rocket that was used to launch him. Lake Tarleton is a place of natural beauty, historical significance, and recreational fun. It is a hidden gem in New Hampshire and a destination for anyone who loves nature and adventure.

Mount Moosilauke

This is a prominent and majestic mountain visible from the park. It is the tenth-highest peak in New Hampshire and the highest peak in the western White Mountains. It offers a stunning and inspiring view and a place to hike and ski.

Established in 2002, the Mount Moosilauke ATV Club (MMATVC) emerged as a response to the closure of trails and roads for Off-Highway Recreational Vehicles (OHRVs) in Warren, NH. With over 200 concerned citizens rallying at the subsequent Selectmen’s meeting in a town of around 800, an agreement was reached.

A club needed to be formed to reopen the trails on a trial basis, ensuring organized trail systems with proper signage, maintenance, and patrols. The club’s inception, though challenging, fostered a vibrant community and memorable experiences. Through local trail work parties and collaboration with ATV clubs like New Durham Valley, Sullivan County, and New Hampshire ATV Club, MMATVC tirelessly strives to make riding enjoyable.

Notably, the club’s success has garnered support from local authorities, with letters of recommendation for other towns considering ATV road access. MMATVC’s journey reflects the dedication of its members, inviting all to join the club and partake in the exhilarating fun offered by Mt. Moosilauke ATV trails.

Redstone Rocket in Warren, New HampShire

Redstone Rocket at Warren, NH

This quirky and unique attraction is located near the park in Warren. It is a Redstone rocket donated by the US Army in 1971. It is the only Redstone rocket on public display in the US, symbolizing the town’s history and pride.

The Redstone Rocket in Warren, New Hampshire, is a decommissioned ballistic missile donated to the town in 1971 as a tribute to America’s achievements in space. It was developed by Werner von Braun, the famous rocket scientist, to carry the first live nuclear warhead and the first American astronaut, Alan Shepard, into space.

The rocket stands upright in a public park, surrounded by a fence and a kiosk that provides information about its history and significance. It is one of the only surviving examples of this type of missile and a unique landmark in the state.

Find some facts about Redstone Rocket Listed Below:

  • The rocket is also known as the Warren Rocket or the Army’s Workhorse, and it measures 69 feet tall and weighs 28,000 pounds.
  • A US Army sergeant and his friend brought the rocket to Warren, who drove it from Maryland on a flatbed truck. They chose Warren as the destination because it was the sergeant’s hometown and Alan Shepard’s birthplace.
  • The rocket attracts visitors and curiosity seekers who want to see a piece of space history and a Cold War relic. It is also a source of pride and identity for the residents of Warren, who have adopted the rocket as their town symbol.

Special Events or Activities Held on the ATV Trail

Mountain Mud Run Terrain Park is where you can enjoy various off-road activities like all other ATV trails in New Hampshire. Some of the special events or activities held there stand out:

  • Blizzard Baja: This is an annual winter event where you can race your 4×4 vehicles on snow and ice. The event features different classes and prizes for the winners. A Blizzard Baja spectator ticket costs $20. Read full.
  • Runnin’ It Hard: This summer event will allow you to test your skills and endurance on the challenging terrain park. The event includes mud racing, rock crawling, hill climbing, and more.
  • Private Events: You can also book the park for your private events, such as birthday parties, corporate outings, family reunions, etc. You can customize your package and enjoy the facilities and amenities of the park.

Blizzard Baja Winter Event in Mountain Mud Run ATV Park

Blizzard Baja is a winter event at Mountain Mud Run Terrain Park. The event is an annual race where you can compete with your 4×4 vehicles on snow and ice. The event features different classes and prizes for the winners. Below is detailed information on event rules, fees, and timings.

Blizzard Baja in Mountain Mud Run ATV Park, NH

Blizzard Baja Schedule:

  • Driver gate opens at 7:30
  • Driver’s Meeting starts at 9:30
  • Full size race starts at 10:30
  • SxS race drivers meetings start at 9:30
  • SxS race starts at 1:00



  • 1st Team payout $1,125.00
  • 2nd Team payout $ 875.00
  • 3rd Team payout $ 525.00


  • 1st Team payout $1, 125.00
  • 2nd Team payout $ 875.00
  • 3rd Team payout $ 525.00

Park Regulations

In conjunction with the event guidelines, adherence to the following regulations is mandatory:

  • Immediate expulsion from the premises for engaging in fighting, loud disturbances, or disorderly conduct. Zero tolerance will be exercised.
  • Emphasis on maintaining a family-friendly atmosphere throughout the event.
  • Strictly observe a 5-mph speed limit in all communal areas.

Blizzard Baja Event Regulations

Being a highly popular and competitive off-road event, it has some rules, on top of the park rules, to offer an organized and decorated fun moment. Here you go:

  • Check-in and registration at the gate are mandatory before proceeding to TECH.
  • Attendance at the 9:30 drivers’ meeting is compulsory for all drivers.
  • All participants must be licensed drivers aged 18 and above.
  • Limited to one passenger, aged at least 18, wearing a safety vest or hi-vis gear, gloves for winching, and a helmet.
  • Timely arrival before the commencement of the drivers’ meeting.
  • Essential components and riding gear include a quality helmet, fire extinguisher, seat belts, and a functional rear position light for visibility.
  • Exclusive use of rubber tires; prohibition of metal additives such as chains, studs, bolts, etc.
  • Adequate brakes must be present on all vehicles.
  • Two-way communication is permitted and recommended.
  • Doors, window nets, or arm restraints are mandatory.
  • A horn or a means of noise alert for passing/overtaking other vehicles is required.
  • Full-size class vehicles must have front and rear recovery points.
  • Strict prohibition of chains or ball hitches for pull-out or towing; only straps allowed.
  • Winching is allowed in both forward and backward directions, with an absolute restriction on crossing winch lines.
  • Starting order determined by chip draw.
  • Victory is determined by the greatest number of laps completed within the allocated time.
  • The official decision is conclusive and final.


What vehicles Does MOUNTAIN MUD RUN TERRAIN PARK Let in?

Mountain Mud Run Terrain Park typically allows a variety of off-road vehicles, including but not limited to ATVs, UTVs, dirt bikes, and off-road trucks. However, checking the park’s official guidelines or contacting them directly for specific vehicle regulations is advisable.

What are MOUNTAIN MUD RUN TERRAIN PARK operating hours?

Operating hours for Mountain Mud Run Terrain Park can vary. It’s recommended to check the official website or contact the park directly. Direct contact ensures up-to-date information on opening hours, seasonal variations, and any special events.

Is it allowed to camp in MOUNTAIN MUD RUN TERRAIN PARK?

Camping policies may vary, and it’s important to consult the park’s guidelines. Some off-road parks permit camping, offering a complete outdoor experience. Confirm the park’s camping regulations, amenities, and any associated fees before planning an overnight stay.

How did the club contribute to the community?

The Mount Moosilauke ATV Club organized local trail work parties, maintained trails, and curbed “outlaw” riding, playing a key role in the trail reopening.

Can beginners enjoy the park?

Yes, the park accommodates riders of all levels, providing beginner-friendly and challenging terrains for experienced riders.

Why is This New Hampshire ATV Park so Popular?

Mountain Mud Run Terrain Park is new in the scene but already a popular destination for off-road enthusiasts who enjoy challenging and diverse trails. Hosting various events throughout the year, such as bouncer and buggy hill climbs, mud runs, rock crawling competitions, and Blizzard Baja has augmented the popularity.

The ATV Park has received national recognition from media outlets and professional off-roaders. Open to all types of vehicles, from ATVs and UTVs to jeeps and lawn tractors, this New Hampshire ATV Park is a place where adventure and fun are guaranteed.

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