12 Best ATV Trails to Explore in Maine

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Maine has taken the lead for many years as one of the best states to enjoy an ATV ride. Indeed, Maine is a paradise for ATV enthusiasts, with over 6,000 miles of trails that traverse diverse and scenic landscapes. Whether you are looking for a challenging ride, a relaxing cruise, or a family-friendly adventure, Maine ATV trails offer you all. You can explore the vast wilderness of the north, the rolling hills and farms of the west, the historic rail trails and coastal views of the east, and the lakes and forests of the central region.

Along the way, you will encounter wildlife, waterfalls, bridges, and historic landmarks. You will also enjoy the hospitality and services of the local ATV clubs, landowners, and communities that make this network possible. Maine’s ATV trails are open from late May to December, depending on the weather and trail conditions.

The Maine ATV trails map will tell you about so many trails available throughout the state. Here, you can find information and on the top 12 ATV Trails in Maine. Come and discover why Maine is the ultimate destination for ATV riding.

Why Do I explore the ATV Trails in Maine?

You already know that Maine is a paradise for ATV enthusiasts with its vast network of trails and off-road parks. You should explore the best ATV trails in Maine for reasons you have been to off-road trails in Vermont, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, and others. I explored the trails and had video footages of hours in my helmet mounted Gopro for three main reasons:

Firstly, it offers an opportunity to experience the rugged beauty of the state’s natural terrain. The trails run through dense forests, winding rivers, and rocky terrains that offer breathtaking views along the way.

Secondly, exploring the best ATV trails in Maine is a great way to bond with family and friends who share similar interests. Riding ATVs together can be a fun adventure that brings people closer while enjoying nature’s beauty. Additionally, it is an excellent way to stay active while on vacation or a weekend getaway.

Lastly, exploring Maine’s best ATV trails can be an educational experience. Especially, the southern Maine ATV trails map reveals that riders can learn about local wildlife and ecosystems unique to the region while experiencing them firsthand. 

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced rider, there’s something for everyone on Maine’s top favorite ATV trails – from scenic routes for leisurely rides to challenging terrains for adrenaline junkies looking for adventure. Just keep updated with the opening and Maine ATV trails closing date.

12 Best ATV Trails to Explore in Maine

Top 12 ATV Trail Reviews in Maine

With so many picturesque paths to explore, it’s no wonder that All Terrain Vehicles (ATVs) are a popular way to traverse the state. Whether you’re looking for an off-roading adventure or a leisurely cruise through nature, there are plenty of trails in Maine to choose from.

Whereas keeping Maine ATV trails map pdf will be of great help, this run-down of 12 ATV trail reviews might prove irresistible to many off-roaders. So be it for you.

1. Pulpit Rock Trail

Situated in North Waterford, Maine, this ATV trail get you through some of the most scenic and attractive destinations in Waterford, Stoneham, Sweden, and Lovell. Besides this, 8 miles length is ideal for intermediate and seasoned ATV riders. This is because its terrain is relatively tricky but not highly challenging.

Unlike other ATV trails in Maine, this one boasts a commonly identified 1.5-mile loop. Whether you are a mountain biker or a horseback rider, you will have a chance to explore this loop.

You can enjoy a scenic view of Mt. Blue and other great features as you ride your quad along this trail. Since the trail is well-marked, trust that you will have an easy time navigating it adding up to your fun.

2. Four Seasons Adventure Trail

This trail is also known as the Dover-Foxcroft rail/Newport trail. It is 27 miles long and is located in Greenville. It is commonly used for any purpose and connects Newport and Dover-Foxcroft.

As you ride your ATV along this trail, you can enjoy an impressive view of multiple lakes as it transverses through several farmlands and forests. As the name suggests, you will enjoy riding your ATV along this trail around the 4 seasons. 

Whether it is winter or summer, fun alone or with friends is guaranteed on this trail. During winter, you are likely to see cross-country skiers and snowmobilers along these trails. Conversely, most ATV riders troop here in their numbers during summer.

If you have to ride your motorized vehicle here, you need to ensure that it is registered as per the ATV laws of the state. So is the case with other popular ATV zones like Alaska, Arizona, Michigan, and More. Thankfully, this trail is always open throughout the year.

You will have the chance to camp with friends in designated sections. There are also other accommodation areas that allow you to access this trail with ease. Either way, you will enjoy more convenience and have fun while on this ATV trail.

3. Sanford-Springvale Rail Trail

Back in the day, this trail used to be an old rail bed like Rockingham recreational rail trail. However, it has been renovated and is currently used by ATV riders. It is 6 miles in length and can be used by many users.

Besides ATV riders, it can be used by horseback riders, bicyclists, joggers, cross-country skiers, joggers, and those who ride snowmobiles. This can be attributed to the fact it has graded gravel and dirt. Unlike other conventional Maine ATV riding trails, this one is quite pet-friendly.

Commonly known as the ‘Railroad Trail,’ it gets you passing through Deering Pond, woody sections, among other scenic areas. You can access this ATV trail from 4 main sections. These include Main Street, Oak Street, Hanson Ridge Road, and Pleasant Street.

4. Dixmont Trails

This a is 20 miles long ATV trail and is mostly hard-packed and sandy. Situated in Dixmont town, it allows riders of all skills to have fun on it. This means beginners, intermediate and seasoned riders can explore this trail worry-free. Although riders of all skill levels can ride on this off-road trail, most of the sections are ideal for intermediate ATV riders.

Besides the ATVs, you are free to ride SXS and UTVs. If you have a Jeep or a sand rail 4×4, be warned, you will not be allowed to ride it here. This ATV trail has 2 main staging areas open daily apart from when the mud season starts. If you have to ride your OHV here, ensure it is registered and its width is not over 60 inches.

5. Down East Sunrise Trail

Earlier on, this trail used to be part of the former Calais Branch rail corridor and is 87 miles long. It has been renovated and is ideal for non-motorized and motorized recreational use.

A glance at the southern Maine ATV trails map will witness this trail transverses through marshes and forests. Along the way, you might see eagles, white-tail deer, beavers, moose, and wild turkeys, among other creatures.

To your amazement, it passes through the coastal villages in South Maine and is considered one of the best ATV trails in Southern Maine.

Here, you will be free to ride your ATV, bicycle, horse, snowmobile, and so on. When it comes to non-motorized use, you can hike or engage in dog sledding here. Supposing you want to ride your ATV or snowmobile, ensure its width is not over 60 inches. During the winter season, horseback riding and ATV riding are forbidden here.

6. Mt. Blue State Park Trail

Situated in Weld, this trail is 20 miles long and is ideal for people with different ATV riding skill sets. As for opening times, you can access this ATV trail throughout the year and Maine ATV trails closing date should be available online.

During summer, you can engage in horseback riding, mountain biking, hiking, and much more, apart from the usual ATV riding. However, only snowmobiles are allowed here during winter, so do not plan ATV riding here in winter.

This trail has scenic features along the way, making it ideal for visitors who are lovers of nature besides being adventurist.

7. The Moose Trail

The Moose Trail is another fantastic trail to add to the best ATV trails in Maine that we have discussed above, and you should explore it soon. First, this trail is 138 miles long and transverses through 16 towns within Maine. As we speak, this ATV trail is maintained by the 8 ATV clubs and the towns through which this trail passes.

12 Best ATV Trails to Explore in Maine

As you ride along this trail, you will come across an array of amenities such as luxury inns, campgrounds, trailside restaurants, and so much more. The terrains here vary from one section to another.

Therefore, it might be difficult to tell how difficult this trail is. However, most users have claimed that most sections are easy to navigate. Both intermediate and seasoned ATV riders will have a fine day here.

However, when it rains, the terrain can be more difficult to navigate and thus might only be ideal for those with a wealth of ATV riding experience. Besides the amenities mentioned above, you will enjoy surfing through several forested sections.

Whereas the main attraction is the Moose loop trail in Maine, you will find many streams, lakes, and even ponds that play host to eagles, deer, moose, and other forms of wildlife.

8. Kennebec Valley Trail

What used to be a rail line between Portland to Augusta is currently the Kennebec Valley Trail. It measures 14.5 miles and is open for those who want to ride ATVs, horses, snowmobiles, mountain bikes, and more.

As you ride along this trail, you will be able to come across different animals living around the woods, river, and meadows. Watching the wildlife on this trail should prove to be an incredible moment.

It is important to note that you can ride your mountain bike and ATV all year round, apart from when the winter season kicks in. Here, you might only be permitted to ride your snowmobile as it can pass on icy trails.

9. Sherman to Patten Trail

As the name suggests, this Maine ATV trail stretches from Sherman to Patten. It is about 6 miles long and allows you to see scenic forested areas and fields as you ride along. Earlier on, it used to be a railroad used to connect Bangor and Houlton via Millinocket. 

Since it has a gravel surface, this ATV trail is ideal for both motorized and non-motorized use. This means you will have the luxury to ride your horse, ATV, besides hiking and even engaging in off-road biking.

However, these activities are ideal during the summer season. During winter, you have to change tact as you will have to engage in dog sledding, snowmobiling, and cross-country skiing. You can even engage in snowshoeing as well.

Besides seeing the scenic forested areas, you will have the chance to pass through some remote areas, which makes this Maine off-road trail a good choice for those who want to explore the backcountry. You must ensure your motor vehicle is registered as per law, a prerequisite to ride here.

10. Saint John Valley Heritage Trail

It measures 16.9 miles long and is situated in Aroostook County. In fact, this is one of the best ATV trails in northern Maine offering you a picturesque view of the various farmlands and forests characterized by water bodies such as ponds, lakes, and even rivers.

12 Best ATV Trails to Explore in Maine

Since most sections of this OHV trail have crushed stone, you will have a great time riding your mountain bike, ATV, or horse during your hiking expedition.

However, this only works magic during the summer season. During winter, the trail is a go-to place for enthusiasts about snowshoeing, dogsledding, snowmobiling, etc.

11. Lagrange to Medford Trail

This trail measures 11.4 miles and connects Lagrange to Medford. As you utilize this trail, trust that you will have an opportunity to see some of the beautiful scenery of the region, such as the mountains, forests, rivers, fields, and so on.

Unlike conventional ATV trails in Maine, this one traverses through Sebago, Buxton, Standish Limerick, and Hollis. Since this trail leads you to the remote sections of this state, you must carry a number of items, such as insect repellents, during the summer and spring seasons.

During winter, the only activities allowed here include snowmobiling, mountain biking, horseback riding, dog sledding, etc. Although this ATV trail is open throughout the year, it is usually closed during the muddy season.

12. Franklin County ATV Trails

On this trail, you will have the chance to enjoy more than 530 miles of ATV riding. In fact, this trail has joined together the ATV trail system from 8 ATV clubs that operate within Maine. This trail transverses several small towns within Maine and allows you to enjoy a scenic view of mountains, forests, rivers, fields, and much more.

Since the terrains are relatively easy, be certain your kid will also have a chance to ride their ATV and have unlimited fun.

Policy Statement About Multi-use Trails

The Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry Off-Road Vehicle Program has released a policy statement regarding multi-use rail trails in Maine. The statement outlines the guidelines for managing these trails, designed to accommodate various outdoor recreational activities.

The primary objective of the policy is to ensure that multi-use rail trails are maintained and managed in a manner that maximizes safety for all users while also preserving the natural environment.

To achieve this goal, the policy sets forth rules for trail use and maintenance, including guidelines on speed limits, vehicle size restrictions, and trail grooming practices.

12 Best ATV Trails to Explore in Maine

In addition, the policy emphasizes the importance of responsible behavior by all trail users. This includes adherence to posted rules and regulations and respect for other users and their rights to enjoy the trail in peace.

By following these guidelines, you can rest assured that Maine’s multi-use rail trails will continue to provide safe and enjoyable outdoor recreation opportunities.


When are the Maine ATV trails open?

Well, all ATV trails are open throughout the ATV riding season there, and it starts mostly in May and goes on until November and sometimes up to early December. But there are trails that only permit you to engage in snowmobiling, snowshoeing, dog sledding, and so much more during winter. Therefore, you might not enjoy performing a number of other activities on these trails when the winter season kicks in.

Do I need to register my ATV to ride on Maine ATV trails?

This requirement varies from one ATV trail to another. To be safe, check your preferred ATV trail’s official website and then gather more information about that requirement. More importantly, heed it if your desired ATV trail requires you to do it. By doing so, you will be granted access to that off-road trail.

Should I carry insect repellants when riding Maine ATV trails?

Supposing your preferred Maine ATV trail leads you to a remote area, it does not hurt to carry insect repellant. This way, you can keep troublesome insects off your skin, allowing you to enjoy your ride all the way.

Do ATV trails in Maine allow ATV riding only?

Not really. In fact, most trails here are ideal for both motorized and non-motorized use. This means that you will have the chance to ride your quad and engage in dogsledding, horseback riding, and hiking.


In fine, if you’re looking for a thrilling and memorable outdoor adventure, these 12 Best ATV trails in Maine offer it all as those trails in Pennsylvania, Michigan, New Hampshire and more. Maine trails with stunning landscapes to challenging terrain and an abundance of wildlife, there truly are many things for everyone to enjoy.

And you’ll have an unforgettable experience exploring these amazing trails. But ensure you visit the official website of your preferred ATV trails in Maine to gather information about opening and closing timelines to avoid any untoward situation.

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