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Pennsylvania. like many other states in the US, is a haven for ATV enthusiasts, with over several thousand miles of designated trails for ATV riding in Pennsylvania. The state offers diverse terrain, from mountainous forests to rugged terrain ideal for off-road adventures that will take you via some of the most scenic parts of the Mid-Atlantic. 

The most popular ATV trails here include the Marienville trail, Rock Run Recreation Area, East Kettle ATV trail, Marienville trails, Allegheny National Forest, Darkwater OHV trail, and more. We’ve compiled a list of 15 top favorite ATV trails in PA. From mountain ridges and sweeping vistas to serene woodlands, these popular routes have something for everyone – novice and seasoned off-roaders. 

Moreover, this state has a myriad of recreational parks to visit and have fun with your loved ones. Without more ado, let’s brief you on the Best ATV Trails in Pennsylvania, and there are 15 ATV heavens you should not miss. 

15 Top Favorite ATV Trails in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania is a great place to explore the outdoors, especially if you’re an ATV enthusiast. With numerous trails throughout the state, you can enjoy a ride to remember. To help you decide on the best ATV trail, we’ve compiled a list of our 15 top favorite ATV trails in Pennsylvania. These trails range from moderately easy to challenging and are perfect for novice and experienced riders.

1. Majestic Trails

Majestic ATV trails in Pennsylvania are more than 40 miles, with a lot to offer novice and seasoned ATV riders.

Mostly muddy, there are sections measuring more than 20 miles where you can ride your dirt bike and mountain bikes and have unlimited fun. In Pennsylvania, trails are rated as follows;

  • Advanced (Blue)
  • Intermediate (Green)
  • Expert (Black)

During winter, you can bring your snowmobile here. But you must be with a helmet, and your machine should not surpass noise levels of 99 decibels.

In case you please, there are annual passes at a budget-friendly price – as little as $150 and you can avail yourself of daily access at $25.

15 Best ATV Trails in Pennsylvania

Suppose you want to camp here; it will cost just $10. Additionally, there is an on-site lodging that features a log home, cabin, and bunkhouse. If you want to lodge outside, consider visiting the nearby towns of Smethport and Bradford, and you will find places where you can enjoy check-in and rest.

2. Rock Run Recreation Area

It is located in Southern Clearfield and Northern Cambria counties and is a 140 miles long trail. 

At the sight of the trail map, you can trace a challenging route to accept the challenge with adequate preparations and expert skills. Supposing you want to ride on Riding on Wednesday or Thursday is cheaper, costing only $15, but this is $22 from Friday to Sunday.

It usually remains open from April to October, but it may fluctuate sometimes. To keep updated, track the website concerned before starting it. 

Both to amuse and amaze you, this recreational off-road area offers climbing opportunities on nearly every Allegheny Mountain and a picturesque view. Additionally, this park hosts several events, such as the ATV Summer Blast, to be held every August.

3. Marienville Trail

Located within Allegheny National Forest, it is 11 miles northeast of Marienville and is more than 75 miles long. Marienville trail has both novice-friendly manageable sections and challenging tracks for seasoned ATVing. 

15 Best ATV Trails in Pennsylvania

Besides ATVs, you can ride UTVs, dirt bikes, and motorcycles along these trails. However, if you have to ride a UTV, consider hanging it in designated areas only. Annual passes here charge $35, while daily passes cost $10.

4. Mountain Ridge ATV Park

Home to more than 140 miles of impressive ATV trails, it combines six easy, 6 moderately easy, and 4 quite challenging ATV trails to offer a ride for every skill set. Beginner or a pro in ATV, you can make it here.

Good news for campers, this ATV park has camp spots with electric hook-ups, primitive camping sites, and rustic cabins where you can check in and relax. 

And park fees vary depending on the day of the week you choose to engage in ATV riding. The park stands out as an exceptional ATV zone by allowing ATVs at night and during other events held here around the year. You can ride dirt bikes, UTVs, and motorcycles besides ATVs.

5. Mines and Meadows ATV/RV Resort

This park hosts 84 miles of ATV trails and measures 877 acres in size. Unlike other parks, you can even ride the underground and have fun, thanks to the abandoned limestone mines. With the mines present, unprecedented thrill awaits you if you can take up the challenge.

The mines here are usually 254 below the ground, and then trails weave around an underground lake 3 acres size welcoming ATVs and dirt bikes. Besides this, there are dirt bike tracks, mud trails, hill trails, and so much more.

Day-riding ATVs charge $25, and the annual charge is $275. To multiply your fun and thrill, you can stay at night and camp with your friends and family.

6. East Kettle ATV Trail

Lying in Bald Eagle State Forest, it is a 16 miles long trail. Riding along this trail means passing through a forest of hardwood trees. However, the trail favors both beginners and seasoned ATV riders. Unlike other trails, you can ride your ATV free of charge. However, you must ensure that your quad is registered and insured.

7. Lost ATV Trail

A 2000 acres size park welcomes you with various terrains where you can enjoy off-road adventures alone or with friends. From wild to mild ATV trails, there is something for ATV riders in every skill set.

Scaling up to the highest point of the Ponoc Mountains will reward you with unparalleled scenic views. Since all the trails here are marked and mapped, you will have an easy time riding your ATV.

15 Best ATV Trails in Pennsylvania

Unlike conventional trails, this one takes pride in having a separate area where kids can ride small ATVs. Some ATV rental tours take place within this park. Moreover, you will find lucrative lodging options here as well. You can have all machines, from ATVs to dirt bikes, at $39 per day or $250 per year.

8. Bayview OHV area

Located in Sharpsville, PA, this 200-acre park invites you to derive ATV fun from October to Memorial Day weekend. From hill climbs to mud holes characterize the different trails in this area.

Thankfully, there are several easy trails for starters. And you are free to ride dirt bikes, motorcycles, and UTVs, besides the typical ATVs. Shenango campground is a few miles away from this park – a great check-in and resting arrangement.

9. Indian Creek Valley ATV Club

This ATV club is situated in a private place and boasts 40 miles of impressive ATV trails. These trails, maintained by this club, offer smooth and easy ATV rides except for certain sections of challenging trails. ATV rides on those challenging trails require you to be skilled and competent enough. However, you must be a club member to ride either trail – smooth and difficult.

You can also derive fun from other activities as the club organizes a number of events here from time to time. 

10. Delaware State Forest

The forest, as mentioned above, measures 80000 acres in size and is situated in Eastern Pennsylvania. This forest has three main ATV trails amounting to 28 miles together. If your ATV belongs to Class I or II, you can ride your quad here.

15 Best ATV Trails in Pennsylvania

Moreover, you and your machine must abide by the Pennsylvania State regulations, such as the DCNR registration and liability insurance. Some of the worth-mentioning ATV trails here include:

  • Burnt Mills-This trail measures 8 miles and is ideal for beginners
  • Maple Run- This one is 8 miles and is best for those just starting out.
  • Dixon Miller- Here, you will find 15 miles of easy-to-ride trails, but with certain pretty rugged sections.

This park is quite different from others as it encompasses Dancing Ridge where disabled ATV riders can have fun just like their ordinary counterparts. Dancing Ridge measures 1800 acres in size.

11. Bloody Skillet ATV Trail 

Back in the day, this road section used to be a coal-mining area. However, over time, it was transformed into an ATV trail. Located in Sproul State Forest, this trail allows you to ride your quad through the woods and above the shallow creek bridges and crossings.

As you ride along this trail, you will encounter several spectacular animals, such as bears, deer, and wild turkeys. This trail is usually open at all times apart from the hunting season. So, a fun ride during winter is possible. 

Unlike other trails, you will not be charged a dime to ride your ATV along this trail. Fortunately, trails here are suitable for intermediate and beginner ATV riders.

12. Haneyville ATV Trail  

Tiadaghon State Forest hosts the above-mentioned trail. The good news is that ATV riders are not charged anything to ride here. Moreover, the trails here allow you to enjoy great riding conditions, thanks to varied terrains extending to 17 miles. Since all the tracks here are marked and easy to navigate, an easy and fun ride is guaranteed even for a novice in ATV riding.

13. Famous Reading Outdoors 

It came into existence due to a coal mining company offering property for ATV riding. Here, the trails pass over hills, valleys, open play areas, and steep areas. You will most likely ride on an old mining road used several years ago.

At Famous Reading Outdoors, you are free to ride your quad throughout the year. However, during winter, hunters come with their quad to hunt several animals. To be on the safe side, you need to have clothes that have visible colors. For your information, you need a permit to ride your ATV on trails in this area.

14. Darkwater OHV Trail  

This trail is 30 miles long and allows you to pass through woody and open sections. Moreover, you will have a chance to explore twisting trails and much more. As you ride along this OHV trail, you will enjoy an elevation of up to 3000 ft.

15. Allegheny National Forest ATV Trails 

First, the Allegheny National Forest is located at the bottom of the Appalachian Mountains and is the only national forest in Pennsylvania. In this forest, you can ride on 5 different ATV trails for more than 100 miles together.

Allegheny National Forest ATV Trails

Whether you started riding an ATV a few months ago or have been in the game for years, this trail will be one of the best places to ride an ATV in Pennsylvania – cut out for ATV adventure.

Notes to take before You Hit Pennsylvania ATV Trails 

Exploring Pennsylvania’s ATV trails should precede certain notes. Considering these notes before starting your adventure on Pennsylvania ATV trails is to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone involved.

Check your vehicle and ensure it meets the state’s requirements for off-road use. This includes having valid registration and insurance and complying with sound and emission standards.

Be aware of the trail conditions before embarking on your journey. Check weather reports and recent trail updates to ensure you’re not heading into hazardous terrain. It’s also important to bring appropriate safety gear such as helmets, goggles, and gloves.

Get informed about local rules and regulations regarding ATV usage in Pennsylvania. Different trails may have varying restrictions on where you can ride or how fast you can go. So, check if you can use your Gopro attached to your helmet as some state laws and trail regulations find it risky to use camera while riding.

Note that Pennsylvania state law requires all ATV riders aged 8-15 to have a safety certification to operate an ATV on public land. 

Some PA ATV zones allow other off-road vehicles like dirt bikes, snowmobiles, and side-by-side. So, you must be extra careful while enjoying an ATV ride there.

See also, if your target trails need a permit for entry onto the trail. You will find information like this and more in the authority sources on top of information on riding rules and DCNR ATV trails. 

Riding DCNR ATV Trails

DCNR ATV Trails are a network of trails established across the state by the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR). Designed to provide riders with safe and enjoyable experiences while also protecting the environment, there are currently over 250 miles of designated ATV Roads within PA state forests, including Michaux State Forest, Sproul State Forest, and Bald Eagle State Forest.

ATV riders need to obtain a permit before using DCNR Trails. The permit is valid for one year from the date of purchase and must be displayed on the vehicle at all times while riding on DCNR trails. It’s worth noting that not all sections of Pennsylvania state forests allow ATVs, so it’s important to check with local forest offices or online resources before heading out on your ride.

As for DCNR ATV registration, it is mandatory for any all-terrain vehicle (ATV) users in Pennsylvania. The registration process requires owners to provide details about their ATVs’ make, model, and year.

You can avail of it at $20 for two years, earning you a registration plate, sticker, and certificate. And the registration stickers must always be displayed on the vehicle’s front and rear sides.

In addition to registering their vehicles with DCNR, ATV users should familiarize themselves with the state’s laws regarding ATV usage, including speed limits and safety requirements like wearing helmets. As a responsible off-roader, you should adhere to these regulations as it can help promote a culture of responsible ATV use those benefits everyone in Pennsylvania.


What state is the most ATV-friendly?

If you’re looking for a state that’s friendly to ATVs, it’s hard to beat Utah, Maine, Pennsylvania, Arizona, and more. The states boast of an impressive network of trails and parks open to off-road vehicles, including ATVs, UTVs, and dirt bikes.

They offer a wide range of terrain for riders of all skill levels. But if you want a specific state name, this must be Maine – the heaven for ATV riders.  Tempted? Don’t be too hasty that you miss to check for the ATV season there. It’s best to be in that off-road heaven in peak time.

Can I drive an ATV on the road in Pennsylvania?

In Pennsylvania, operating an ATV on any public road or highway is illegal as it is in other popular ATV zones like Arizona, Colorado, Alaska, Michigan, and more. This includes state-owned roads, local streets, and even alleys. However, there are some exceptions to this rule

Therefore, it’s always better to stay informed about the rules and regulations of driving an ATV in Pennsylvania before hitting the trails or roads with your vehicle. 

Can you ride ATV at state parks in PA?

Unfortunately, ATV riding is not permitted in Pennsylvania state parks, state forest roads, and state game lands. This is due to concerns about environmental damage and safety issues. All-terrain vehicles can cause significant damage to trails, vegetation, and wildlife habitat if not properly managed.

However, visitors can enjoy hiking, biking, fishing, boating, camping, and more at many of the state’s beautiful natural areas. Some parks also offer designated equestrian trails for horseback riding enthusiasts.

Can a non-resident register an ATV in PA?

Yes, a non-resident can register an ATV in Pennsylvania. However, certain requirements must be met before the registration process can begin. They include the ATV meeting the state’s safety regulations and standards for off-road vehicles, proof of insurance, and having a valid driver’s license or permit from the respective home state.

To avoid any issues or confusion, non-residents better research the laws and regulations surrounding ATV registration and operation in Pennsylvania. 

Can you ride an ATV on snowmobile trails in PA? 

It is important to note that ATV riders are not allowed to ride on snowmobile trails in Pennsylvania. Snowmobile trails have a different set of regulations compared to ATV trails and different organizations manage them.

In Pennsylvania, the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR) manages ATV trails, while snowmobile trails are managed by the Department of Transportation’s Bureau of Maintenance and Operations. The two departments have different regulations and guidelines that govern their respective trail systems.

What do you mean by designated ATV roads in PA?

Designated ATV roads in Pennsylvania are legally available for all-terrain vehicle (ATV) use. These roads provide safe and legal routes for riders to explore the state’s beautiful landscapes and natural resources. They are marked by signs or symbols at trailheads, intersections, or other critical locations to ensure compliance with state laws.

Designated ATV roads PA has experienced tremendous growth over the years, attracting visitors from across the country who want to experience off-road riding. 

Bottom Line

You are reading this part of the post is witness that you are aware of the 15 favorite ATV trails offering something for everyone, whether you are a beginner looking to get out and explore or an experienced rider seeking more rugged terrain.

From breathtaking views to exciting challenges, trails in this area offer unique experiences along with hours of fun and adventure.  Scan through the pre-riding notes suggested here to avoid anything coming your way while enjoying the wild and lost in the marvelous Pennsylvania ATV trails. 

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