Best 26 Inch ATV Tires of 2023 & Beyond: Top 7 Models Reviewed

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When you’re riding through rough, wild places with your ATV, the tires you choose can really change your whole experience. Having tires that firmly grip the ground, helping you climb steep hills and easily handle trails covered in mud. That’s exactly what high-quality ATV tires offer – a mix of power, toughness, and versatility.

If you’re after more space from the ground, better grip, improved performance, and a cool look, 26-inch tires are what you’ll want to check out.

Here, we’re introducing the best 26-inch ATV tires made to handle any challenge nature throws at you. They’ll make sure you don’t get stuck in the mud, slide around on rocky paths, or struggle on slippery slopes. Get ready to discover the top 7 models of 26-inch tires that will completely change how you tackle your off-road adventures.

Best 26 inch ATV Tires: Quick Summary

We will get into the detailed review of these 7 top-notch tires in a minute. But before that, here is a quick summary of these tires and their key features:

1. Best for Trail – WANDA P373 ATV/UTV Tires: Smooth and stable trail riding with directional tread and 6-ply rating.

2. Best for Mud: SunF Power A051 ATV UTV Off-Road Tires: Excellent mud performance with deep lug and reinforced sidewall.

3. Best for All Terrain: SunF A033 ATV UTV Tires: Versatile and durable all-terrain tires with mixed tread and heavy-duty 6-ply construction.

4. Best for Race: SunF A021 ATV UTV Tire: High-speed and high-performance racing tire with low-profile tread and lightweight carcass.

5. Best for larger ATVs: MASSFX KV 26-Inch-Tall Off-Road Tire: Wide and aggressive tire for larger and heavier ATVs with a 6-ply rating and excellent traction.

6. Best Versatile Vehicle: WANDA 10166/10167 ATV/UTV Tires: Compatible with various vehicles and provides a comfortable and quiet ride with smooth and round tread and 6-ply rating.

7. Best Affordable: WANDA Roadguider ATV/UTV Tires: A budget-friendly and reliable tire with simple and solid tread and a 6-ply rating.

Top 7 26-inch Tires Compared in Table

Here’s a comparison table highlighting the key features and specifications of the listed ATV/UTV tires. If you are in a rush and cannot manage time to read the in-depth reviews, check key features and specifications for each tire before making a purchase. This may help you reach the right tire for you.

Reviews Of 7 Best 26-Inch ATV Tires

If you want full knowledge about these top-notch 26″ ATV tires, read our in-depth reviews. We have tested and evaluated these tires based on their features, performance, durability, and customer feedback. We have also compared their pros and cons and provided honest opinions and recommendations.

Best for Trail: WANDA P373 ATV/UTV Tires

Best 26 inch ATV Tires

The WANDA P373 ATV/UTV Tires are a robust and versatile option for off-road enthusiasts. Indeed, they are designed to enhance the performance and handling of all-terrain vehicles. These tires are well-regarded for their impressive measurements and specialized design that significantly contribute to the ATV riding experience.

The 6-ply build of these tires provides durability and resistance against punctures and tears, extending the tire’s lifespan in rugged conditions. The deep, aggressive tread pattern offers excellent traction and stability. Thus you can enjoy enhanced control and handling while maintaining a smooth and comfortable ride.

The Wanda P373 is available in as many as 14 dimensions with the following measurements:

  • Overall height: 24-26 inches
  • Tread width: 8-11 inches
  • Diameter: 11, 12, & 14

With that wide variety in measurement, you can configure your ATV tires at staggered, square and nose-up tire setups. 7 different dimensions in 26″ sizes only let you have your preferred tire setup, whether it is staggered or square. But if you want to run your ATV nose-up, there are 7 more dimensions in 24″ and 25″ sizes.


  • 6-ply build ensures resilience against punctures and tears
  • Deep and aggressive tread pattern for superior grip and stability
  • Excellent traction on various surfaces – mud, gravel, and rocky terrain
  • Available in various sizes, these tires fit different ATV and UTV models
  • Wider width and larger diameter contribute to improved stability, especially during cornering and rough terrain navigation
  • High potential to match your preferred tire setup


  • Tread design, while great for off-road performance, can result in a slightly rougher ride on smoother surfaces.
  • Front tires difficult to mount on rim
  • You may feel a bit beating on rough and rocky terrains

Best for Mud: SunF Power A051 ATV UTV Off-Road Tires

Best 26 inch ATV Tires

I bought these tires for my ATV, and I am very happy with them. They are great for all-terrain, from desert to mud to rock. They have a knobby tread design that gives them a good grip and response on the trails. They also have aggressive shoulder knobs that protect the rim and sidewall from damage and provide extra traction during turns.

The tires are 6-ply rated, making them durable and resistant to punctures, cuts, and impacts. They have a load index of 65 and a speed rating of J, which means they can handle a maximum load of 650 lbs plus and a top speed of 100 km/h.

One of the best features of these tires is that they come in different sizes, ranging from 13 to 26 inches. This allows you to customize your ATV tires setup according to your preference and riding style. I chose a staggered tire setup, which means I have smaller tires in the front and larger tires in the back. This gives me more stability and control over my ATV, especially on uneven terrain.

The only downside of these tires is that they are for something other than highway use. They are designed for off-road racing and recreational riding only. They also make some noise on paved roads, which is not a big issue for me.


  • Great for all kinds of terrain offering versatility to the off-roaders
  • Durable and resistant to damage, extending tire life
  • Come in different sizes matching multiple ATV and UTV models
  • Size varieties let you assign your chosen tire setup


  • Make some noise on paved roads
  • May wear out faster on hard surfaces
  • Some users say the tires not worth the high-end price

Best for All Terrain: SunF A033 ATV UTV Tires

Best 26 inch ATV Tires

The SunF A033 ATV UTV Tires – a game-changer in the world of off-road exploration, offering an array of size varieties and ply ratings that cater to diverse adventure needs.

They offer a moderate load index of 65 saying they can support a huge load and a speed rating of F, which means they run at a maximum speed of 100 km/h.

These tires come in different sizes, ranging from 22 to 30 inches. So, you can customize the tire setup from staggered to square to nose-up according to your preference and riding style. So far, 26″ size concerns, you have so many dimensions to choose a staggered or square setup.

But here’s the ace up their sleeve – the ply ratings. These tires are available in multiple-ply ratings, ranging from 6-ply to 8-ply. The 6-ply version offers excellent durability and resistance, perfect for lighter rides and standard off-road excursions. On the other hand, the 8-ply tires are a heavyweight champion, designed for the most demanding, rugged terrains and heavier loads, ensuring strength and resilience on your off-road odyssey.

Whether you’re seeking nimble manoeuvrability or rugged resilience, these tires offer the perfect fit for your ATV or UTV. This versatile range promises durability and performance, making it a standout choice for anyone seeking reliable and customizable off-road performance.


  • Can adapt to different surfaces and conditions with ease
  • Tubeless tires lightweight and handles puncture better
  • 6-ply rated, which means resistant to punctures, cuts, and impacts
  • Offer an excellent value for the money at a much lower price
  • Sizes, ranging from 22 to 32 inches, matching tire setup for your preference and riding style
  • Different sizes offering a broad selection for numerous ATV and UTV models


  • Noise on paved roads might be annoying for some riders
  • Not for highway use 
  • Soft compound for a good grip on soft terrain, but may wear out faster on hard surfaces

Best for Race: SunF A021 ATV UTV Tire

Best 26 inch ATV Tires

The SunF A021 ATV UTV Tires are a remarkable addition to the off-road enthusiast’s arsenal, offering a spectrum of size variations and ply ratings that cater to diverse riding experiences. Crafted to handle the rough and tumble of off-road terrains, these tires come in various sizes, ensuring a customized fit for various ATV and UTV models.

Unleash your individuality on the terrain. With a size range spanning from 13 to 26 inches, this tire is your canvas for customizing your off-road experience. Want a symmetrical look or a mixed, staggered style? The choice is yours, allowing you to match your tires or mix them up based on your unique riding style and preferences. This tire is more than just a piece of rubber—it’s your signature on the off-road canvas.

SunF A021 tires come with a 6-ply designed for enhanced durability and resistance, perfect for rugged terrains and heavier loads, offering superior strength and toughness.

These tires boast an aggressive tread design that provides excellent traction and control, ensuring a firm grip on various surfaces, be it mud, rocky paths, or gravel, making them a solid choice for versatile off-road exploration.


  • A variety of sizes catering to different ATV and UTV models
  • Customizable tire setup according to your riding style and preferences
  • Aggressive tread pattern for excellent traction and control
  • Built with high-quality materials and reinforced sidewalls for durability and resistant to punctures and abrasions


  • Aggressive tread pattern might sacrifice some level of comfort on smoother surfaces
  • Painful while mounting and seating bead
  • Might produce increased road noise due to its aggressive design

Best for larger ATVs: MASSFX KV 26-Inch-Tall Off-Road Tire

Best 26 inch ATV Tires

Rev up your off-road adventures with MASSFX KV 26-Inch-Tall Off-Road Tire, designed to give you excellent traction and braking, even in loose conditions. Whether riding on mud, sand, rocks, or snow, this tire will keep you in control and on the move. The side knobs on the tire help prevent sidewall punctures and provide extra grip and stability.

This tire has a non-directional tread pattern that allows you to use it on any side of your ATV or UTV. The tread is also 1/2 inch thick, which means it can resist punctures and abrasions from sharp objects. But the showstopper isn’t just the towering size; it’s the muscle within. These bad boys come with a sturdy ply rating of 6-ply.

With an extensive array of dimensions in this 26″ tire, riders can select their perfect fit to match different ATV and UTV models and tire setups. These tires cater to diverse preferences, allowing riders to tailor their off-road experiences based on vehicle requirements and personal style.

This tire will give you the confidence and performance you need to tackle any challenge. Don’t settle for less; get the MASSFX KV 26-Inch-Tall Off-Road Tire today and experience the difference. You won’t regret it.


  • 26-inch-tall design provides increased ground clearance
  • Constructed with durability in mind, providing resistance against punctures and abrasions
  • Ensuring longevity and reliability during off-road adventures
  • 6-ply construction for resilience and strength, matching terrain and load
  • Various sizes, catering to different ATV and UTV models


  • Offers a stiffer ride on-road use
  • Slightly oversized than advertised
  • Aggressive tread pattern might lead to heightened road noise

Best Versatile Vehicle: WANDA 10166/10167 ATV/UTV Tires

Best 26 inch ATV Tires

If you want your ATV to handle any off-road adventure with ease, check out the WANDA 10166/10167 ATV/UTV Tires. These tires have a 6-ply rating, which means they are strong and durable enough to resist punctures and abrasions from rocks, branches, and other obstacles. They also have a high load capacity, so they can support up to 410-440 pounds of weight per tire. This makes them suitable for larger ATVs and UTVs that need more stability and traction.

These WANDA Tires have a non-directional tread design that allows you to use them on any side of your vehicle. The tread is also 0.79 inches deep, which gives you excellent grip and braking performance on various terrains, such as dirt, mud, sand, snow, and rocks. The tires also have shoulder lugs that protect the rim and sidewall from damage and provide extra cornering control.

The tires come in different sizes to fit your rim and preference. You can choose from 26×9-12, 26×10-12, or 26×11-12 for the front and rear tires.

A great option for anyone who wants to enjoy the thrill of off-road riding without worrying about their tires. These tires will give you the confidence and performance to tackle any challenge. They are also affordable and reliable so that you can get the best value for your money.


  • Provide excellent traction, enabling better control on mud, sand, rocks, or snow
  • Durable and resistant to punctures and abrasions, ensuring a longer lifespan
  • Smooth and stable ride for enhanced overall performance
  • Designed to perform well across different terrains
  • Offer good value for the price, compared to more expensive competitors


  • Noisy on certain terrains – a downside for those who prefer a quieter ride
  • Heavier tires can affect the performance of the vehicle and may result in decreased speed or fuel efficiency.
  • Tough to install without pro-grade mechanic
  • Limited availability of specific models, making replacements or repairs a challenge

Best Affordable: WANDA Roadguider ATV/UTV Tires

Best 26 inch ATV Tires

WANDA Roadguider ATV/UTV Tires are a set of four tires designed for all-terrain vehicles. Featured with a 6-ply rating, they are durable and resistant to punctures. Bias-ply tires construction means they have a stiffer sidewall and better traction on uneven surfaces.

The WANDA Roadguider Tires are available in different sizes, matching numerous models of your vehicle. The most common sizes are 25×8-12 for the front tires and 25×10-12 for the rear tires. However, you can also find other sizes, such as 24×8-12, 24×10-11, 26×9-12, and 26×11-12.

Have a speed rating of J (100 kmh) and can carry a load of 410 lbs – 480 lbs. WANDA Roadguider tires likely feature a dynamic tread design, offering excellent acceleration and grip on various terrains.

The specific pattern might have deep grooves for better traction and self-cleaning capabilities to shed mud or debris. WANDA Roadguider tires have a rugged lug design for enhanced braking control and stability.

Overall, the WANDA Roadguider ATV/UTV Tires are a good choice for ATV/UTV owners looking for tires that can handle various terrains and conditions. They are durable, reliable, and affordable, and they have a high customer satisfaction rating.


  • Designed for excellent traction, allowing for better control on various terrains
  • Durable and resistant to punctures, ensuring a longer lifespan
  • Built to perform well across different terrains
  • Good value and performance for the price compared to more expensive brands
  • Designed to handle substantial weight, suitable for hauling or towing


  • Noisy, especially on certain terrains, is a downside
  • Reported to offer a less comfortable ride on smoother terrains or roads
  • Specific sizes may be limited, making replacements or repairs challenging


What is the most common ATV tire size?

The most common ATV tire size is 25×8-12 for the front tires and 25×10-12 for the rear tires. This size fits most ATV models and offers a good balance of performance and durability.

What is the best ATV tire pressure?

The best ATV tire pressure depends on several factors, such as the type of tire, the weight of the rider, the terrain, and the riding style. However, a general rule of thumb is to keep the tire pressure between 4 and 7 PSI for optimal traction and handling.

Can I put bigger tires on my ATV?

You can put bigger tires on your ATV, but consider the potential benefits and drawbacks. Bigger tires can increase your ground clearance, traction, and top speed, but they can also reduce your acceleration, handling, and fuel efficiency. They can also cause more stress and wear on your suspension, drivetrain, and other components.

Do bigger tires use more gas?

Bigger tires use more gas than smaller tires because they have more mass and resistance. This means your engine has to work harder to move them, which consumes more fuel. The difference may not be significant, but it can add up over time.

Can I put car tires on my ATV?

You can put car tires on your ATV, but it is not recommended. Car tires are designed for different purposes and conditions than ATV tires. They have less traction, durability, and stability on off-road surfaces. They can also damage your rims, suspension, and axles. Car tires are not safe or legal for ATV use.

Can I put bigger Tyres on my 4×4?

You can put bigger tires on your 4×4, but you need to make sure they are compatible with your vehicle and your intended use. Bigger tires can improve your off-road performance, but they can also affect your on-road handling, braking, and speedometer accuracy. You may also need to modify your suspension, gearing, and fenders to accommodate bigger tires.

Is it safe to increase tire size on ATVs?

It is not safe to increase tire size on ATVs beyond a specific limit. Increasing tire size can cause problems such as tire rubbing, loss of power, increased stress, and reduced stability. You should always follow the manufacturer’s recommendations and check the clearance and compatibility before changing the tire size.

Wrap Up

In the realm of off-road adventures, the quest for the best 26-inch ATV tires explores performance, terrain mastery, and personal preference. Our curated list presents a spectrum of excellence, from the trail-dominating WANDA P373 to the mud-loving SunF Power A051 and the versatile SunF A033, catering to diverse terrains.

Each tire, whether the speed-driven SunF A021 or the robust MASSFX KV, serves specific purposes. Whether seeking affordability with the WANDA Roadguider or a universal fit with the WANDA 10166/10167, these tires offer remarkable value.

However, before you make your final decision, we advise you to read our ATV tire buying guide to understand the factors that you need to consider when choosing the best ATV tires for your vehicle. They will also help you to avoid common mistakes and pitfalls that may affect your safety and satisfaction.

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