Best 8 Ply ATV Tires of 2024: Top 8 Models Reviewed

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One of the most essential components of an ATV is its tire. Choosing the right ATV/UTV tire can make all the difference in the performance and handling of your machine. And 8-ply rated ATV tires are the most popular and an ideal choice for off-road vehicles.

They are made of 8 nylon ropes/Kevlar layers designed to withstand heavy loads. 8-ply ATV tire provides greater durability and strength than lower-ply options like 4-ply and 6-ply. In addition, 8-ply tires offer superior traction and stability on rough terrain and are more resistant to punctures, wear and tear.

When choosing the best 8-ply ATV tires, some great options are available. I have made a run-down of Top 8 Picks offering all the benefits of ATV tires in general and 8-ply ATV tires in particular. Each is a popular choice among off-road enthusiasts who demand performance and reliability from their vehicles. 

For ATV riders in a rush, here is a quick summary of each to have a glance but to make an informed decision, it’s better to go through the in-depth reviews. 

Best 8 Ply ATV Tires: Quick Summary

As is said, the quick summary will help you decide shortly which one of these ATV tires is the best 8-ply ATV tire for you and why this is meant for you.

Best Overall: With a non-directional interlock tread pattern, and additional lugs wrapping around tire sidewalls to prevent scuffing and provide extra traction, this Free Country 8 ply tire is designed specifically for off-roading adventures. The higher ply rating, better complemented by bias construction, gives a trail-compliant ride, making easier to most difficult terrain rides seem like a breeze.

Runner-Up: Wanda tires are built to last and withstand the toughest conditions without showing signs of wear and tear. Rest assured that your ride will enjoy superior rock, dirt, woods, and sand stability. Choosing this top-quality tire means durability and superior performance for all off-roading needs. Being radial, it offers less traction but more durability than the previous Free Country Model. 

Best for Larger Machines: As someone who loves taking off-road vehicles on all terrain, I highly recommend this SunF ATV tire. With its aggressive non-directional tread pattern, these tires maintain even braking and a smooth ride while providing maximum traction leading to superior control of the big boys. 

Best for Versatile Use: I’m impressed with the complete protection of my tire sidewall and rim, giving me peace of mind when navigating rugged terrain. It also gives me extra traction and excellent grip while corning. I no longer have to worry about punctures or abrasions ruining my ride. All that contributes to the versatility mid-level ATV riders crave for.  

Best for Mud and Sand: Designed to help effectively expel mud from your vehicle’s terrain while delivering superior grip in muddy and sandy conditions. For added durability and longevity, stronger sidewalls provide unmatched puncture resistance that ensures you can tackle whatever trail you come across without worry. 

Best for Medium/Hard Terrain: The high mileage wear ensures I won’t have to replace them anytime soon. The aggressive shoulder and sidewall tread provide added protection, making me feel safer on medium and tricky terrain. And when it comes to dirt roads, the bite is unbeatable. 

Best All Terrain: Welcome to the new generation of belts, designed to provide incredible strength and flexibility in any terrain. The aramid belt construction uses unique Kevlar belt package technology for superior performance. With a v-shaped tread pattern, you’ll get plenty of traction no matter what conditions you’re dealing with – from slippery mud to dry pavement. 

Best for Small ATVs: I recently got the coolest tire ever. I took it out on muddy trails and was blown away by how well it handled the terrain. The special cone knob design helped expel the mud and kept me from getting stuck. This is fabulous when rolling over sand, gravel, hard-pack, and loose loam terrains. 

In-depth Reviews of 8 Best 8 Ply Tires for ATV

Whereas the quick summary has pointed out the best aspect of that particular 8 Ply ATV tire, each in-depth review will walk you through all the features to develop an overall decision.

Best Overall: Free Country Premium ATV UTV Tires

  • Tire Brand                      :Free Country
  • Tire Size                           :25*8-12 & 25*10-12
  • Ply Rating                      :8 Ply
  • Product Dimensions   :23*14*23
  • Rime Size                       :12″
  • Tire Aspect Ratio          :25″
  • Section Width                :8″
  • Speed Rating                  :J
  • Load Capacity                :675 lbs
  • Weight                           :40.8 lbs
  • Load Index                     :67.00
  • Inflation Pressure       :18psi
  • Tread Depth                   :.71″
  • Construction                 :Bias

FREE Country Premium 8-ply tire construction is the perfect choice for any off-roading enthusiast and is packed with features that improve your off-road experience. You can confidently drive over uneven terrain, mud, and rocks with a non-directional interlock tread pattern. The additional lugs wrapping around the sidewalls ensure scuffing protection and provide superior traction even while facing the most challenging conditions.

Experience maximum comfort riding through trails with its bias construction designed for excellent ride quality – a smooth ride for your trail-compliant vehicle. Get this 8-ply tire today and take your adventures to new heights if you are a thrill-seeker who demands superior performance and handling. 

Best 8 Ply ATV Tires

I recently purchased this 8-ply tire, and I am blown away by its performance. Handling these tires is top-notch, giving me confidence on even the toughest of trails. For example, my very recent 30 Km trip in the desert at 60k/h has shown that the tires remain stable in the face of 40-42 degrees heat.

They deliver the same speed, grip, and flexibility in those extreme conditions. And the real shock was the acceleration in that burning sand as I picked 50-60km in merely 30 seconds. 

What We Like:

  • meant for durability, stability, and maneuverability
  • lugs wrapping around the sidewalls prevent scuffing and punctures 
  • improved handling on difficult terrain 
  • Designed to be used in different terrains and all weather 
  • 8 ply rating and bias construction for exceptional longevity
  • stand-out heat resistance and acceleration in sandy trails 

What We Don’t Like:

  • fewer size options to choose from
  • heavier bias tires cause rolling resistance

Runner Up: WANDA Radial Bighorn Style ATV/UTV Tires

  • Tire Brand                      :Wanda
  • Tire Size                            :26*9R12 & 26*11R12
  • Ply Rating                      :8 Ply
  • Product Dimensions       :26*26*16 inches
  • Rime Size                       :12″
  • Tire Diameter                 :26″
  • Section Width                :7&9″
  • Speed Rating                  :0
  • Load Capacity                :710&890 lbs
  • Weight                           :45 lbs
  • Inflation Pressure            :20psi
  • Tread Depth                        :.79″
  • Construction                   :Radial

Experience the ultimate in all-terrain performance with Wanda 8 Ply Radial tires. From rocky terrain to muddy trails, Wanda tires deliver top-notch performance every time. Whether it’s dirt, mud, or rock – this Wanda tire has you covered. And in woods and sand, our Wanda exclusive engineering will always provide maximum grip and acceleration. 

The .79″ tread, deeper than the common standard, gives you superior support and protection. This tread depth allows for better gripping on uneven roads and slippery surfaces, ensuring maximum safety and peace of mind. The shoulder lugs on Wanda tires, meant for improved traction on top of protecting sidewalls and rims. And the sleeker appearance is sure to turn heads on the trail.

Best 8 Ply ATV Tires

The riding cleat on these tires provides a more comfortable and smoother ride, even when navigating bumpy trails or rough terrain. Furthermore, the heavy 8-ply construction provides superior control and handling while also providing an excellent grip on the sand. 

I recently purchased Wanda tires for my Foreman Rubicon ATV, and their performance has satisfied me.

What We Like:

  • Ultimate comfort of the modern radial construction
  • Ultra-deep tread pattern for improved traction and stability
  • All-terrain design for utility and heavy-duty off-roading
  • Extra shoulder lugs for protecting sidewalls and rims
  • Riding cleat meant for a superior ride experience

What We Don’t Like:

  • Less traction on a hard surface
  • Reduced traction on tough surfaces

Best for Larger Machines: SunF A033 8 Ply ATV UTV Tires

  • Tire Brand                      :SunF
  • Tire Size                           :30*10R14
  • Ply Rating                      :8 Ply
  • Product Dimensions       :30*40*30 inches
  • Rime Size                       :14″
  • Tire Aspect Ratio            :80 mm”
  • Section Width                :10″
  • Tire Diameter                 :30″
  • Speed Rating                  :J
  • Weight                           :140.8 lbs
  • Load Index                     :85.00
  • Tread Depth                        :21 mm
  • Construction                   :Bias

Say goodbye to frequent replacements and hello to reliable performance. Whether tackling trails or taking on the desert, rock, mud, and dirt, these premium 8 ply tires are sure to bring comfort and take you to your destination safely and securely.

The hard compound rubber ensures superior stability against even the toughest racing conditions. Rolling on these tires, your off-road machine can tame any terrain coming in its way. 

Best 8 Ply ATV Tires

Heavy 8-ply rated construction is designed to withstand abrasions, punctures, and harsh conditions. It features an aggressive lug depth and pattern, providing superior skid resistance and traction control – perfect for use in deserts or cross-country journeys. 

With SunF Tire’s aggressive shoulder knobs, you’ll have superb side bite and traction like never before. Plus, they offer added protection to the rim and sidewall from any off-road obstacles you may encounter on your adventures. But be careful while buying; only 30x10R14 and 32x10R15 sizes are available. 

What We Like:

  • great value for money
  • high performance resulted from specialized non-directional tread 
  • Delivers a smooth ride on any surface
  • Radial construction to resist punctures and abrasions 
  • Long-lasting and durable to bear with the toughest conditions

What We Don’t Like:

  • limited size option
  • bias make-up tells upon maneuverability
  • Not for highway use 

Best for Versatile Use: Free Country ‎LB1601 ATV Tire

  • Tire Brand                      :Free Country
  • Tire Size                            :25*10-12
  • Ply Rating                      :8 Ply
  • Product Dimensions       :23*19*23
  • Rime Size                       :12″
  • Tire Aspect Ratio            :25″
  • Tire Diameter                 :25″
  • Section Width                :8″
  • Speed Rating                  :J
  • Load Capacity                :675 lbs
  • Weight                           :46.8 lbs
  • Load Index                     :67.00
  • Inflation Pressure            :18psi
  • Tread Depth                             :.71″
  • Constructions :Bias

Free Country’s all-new set of 2 Premium 8 PR ATV/UTV tires is there to tackle any terrain. They are the larger pair of the set of 4 of the same brand. With 0.71-inch tread depth, they are designed to take on any terrain and provide incredible performance in even the toughest conditions. On top of superior puncture resistance, a higher load capacity of 675lb is a breeze for a robust 8-ply construction tire like this.

Best 8 Ply ATV Tires

They will keep your ride steady and safe as you traverse various environments – rock, mud, dirt, sand, and even woods. And the Free Country-only nondirectional interlock tread pattern will provide an unbeatable grip under any condition. 

They can withstand 18 psi air pressure, ensuring you can maintain a safe speed without sacrificing overall performance.

The additional lugs are designed to provide extra protection to the tire rim and excellent bit while cornering. With its superior grip on the road during sharp turns, you can enjoy a faster and safer ride than ever before. 

What We Like:

  • Superior traction and performance 
  • Outstanding grip and cornering
  • Built to last and resists punctures and abrasions
  • Unbeatable Versatility on any surface in between
  • Bias construction for stability while speeding

What We Don’t Like:

  • limited size preference
  • increased fuel consumption for rolling resistance

Best for Mud and Sand: WANDA Premium 8 Ply ATV/UTV Tires

  • Tire Brand                      :Wanda
  • Tire Size                         :25*8-12
  • Ply Rating                      :8 Ply
  • Product Dimensions       :24*16*24
  • Rim Size                        :12″
  • Rim Width                     :6″
  • Tire Diameter                 :25″
  • Section Width                :8″
  • Speed Rating                  :J
  • Load Capacity                :590 lbs
  • Weight                           :44.4 lbs
  • Load Index                     :62.00
  • Inflation Pressure            :20psi
  • Tread Depth                             :.79″
  • Construction                   :Bias

This is the second Wanda 8 ply tires review in this guide and evidence of the brand’s popularity as a tire manufacturer. Frequently referred to by fellow off-roaders, I recently tried out the tires featured with Wanda-only ram horn shape tread design, and I have to say, it caught people’s eyes.

But more importantly, the special cone knob design helped me tackle mud terrain with ease. The tire performed exceptionally well on various terrains, including mud sand, groove, hard pack and loose loam. Its ability to expel mud and maintain traction even in slippery conditions impressed me.

Best 8 Ply ATV Tires

“These tires have exceeded my expectations” is my reaction after upgrading to these 8-ply rated tire carcasses. The robust tire construction muscle the sidewall for unbeatable puncture resistance and durability. It has held up against rough terrain and debris without any signs of wear or tear.

I feel more confident driving on backroads and off-road trails, knowing these tires can handle anything thrown in their way. The increased durability has also led to a longer lifespan, which is just irresistible.

My scrutiny has found that it can withstand up to 20 psi of air pressure to bear huge load and challenge harsh terrains. And the aggressive tread pattern rips through the desert and muddy terrain. And this Wanda model offers a wide variety of ATV tire sizes

What We Like:

  • Quiet and durable
  • Longer lifespan and superior traction
  • Multiple sizes to fit any size machine
  • Deep lugs meant for self-cleaning ability
  • Works effectively almost on all terrain
  • Great value for the price

What We Don’t Like:

  • Less comfortable on gravel
  • Sidewalls reported to be not that puncture resistant

Best for Medium/Hard Terrain: Tusk Terrabite Radial 25x10x12 Tires

  • Tire Brand                      :Tusk Terrabite
  • Tire Size                         :25*10-12
  • Ply Rating                      :8 Ply
  • Product Dimensions       :24*24*10.5 inches
  • Rim Size                        :12″
  • Rim Width                     :6″
  • Tire Aspect Ratio            :25″
  • Tire Diameter                 :25″
  • Section Width                :10″
  • Speed Rating                  :F
  • Load Index                     :100.00
  • Tread Depth                             :.75″
  • Construction                   : Radial

The Truck style tread guarantees a smooth ride on hard and harsh surfaces, while the Advanced Radial construction ensures high load ratings coming with today’s larger machines. So, these tires can be a good fit for utility class and family outings in the woods, rocks, and where not. Plus, you don’t need to worry about constantly replacing tires, thanks again to the advanced radial construction and 8 layers. 

The .75 inches tread depth helps provide self-cleaning while ripping through the desert and muddy terrains. On its top, that deeper tread offers increased traction control. Whether carrying heavy loads or navigating rough terrain, these tires will provide unmatched performance every time. 

Best 8 Ply ATV Tires

I recently replaced my worn-out ATV tires with these DOT Approved Tires, and I found the truck-style tread pattern with premium rubber compound thoroughly impressive. The multi-surface performance is top-notch, and the high mileage wear is a game-changer. The aggressive shoulder and sidewall tread provides an added layer of protection and delivers incredible bite in the dirt. 

What We Like:

  • Extended Wear Life from mileage wear technology
  • Save money in the long run for superior durability and longevity 
  • Unmatched Protection against damage and punctures 
  • Increased bite in dirt offered by the specially designed tread pattern 
  • Deeper tread pattern for enhanced traction control 

What We Don’t Like:

  • 1 size to stick to 
  • Reduced control and traction on hard terrain

Best All Terrain: SuperATV XT Warrior Off-Road Tire

  • Tire Brand            
  • Tire Size                         :30*10-14
  • Ply Rating                      :8 Ply
  • Rime Size                       :30″
  • Rim Width                     :10″
  • Weight                           :47 lbs
  • Tread Depth                   :1″

Say goodbye to uneven, unreliable traction. The Kevlar belt package featuring a V-shaped tread is here for superior strength and flexibility in any condition. The Aramid belt construction is designed for unmatched traction for muddy and slick terrain alike.

Common with all the tires reviewed here, this is also combined with a carefully formulated rubber compound meant for unbeatable performance and reliability on any surface. Replacing your worn-out ATV tires with or selecting those tires is akin to getting ready to conquer whatever comes your way. 

Best 8 Ply ATV Tires

The 1″ tread is an extraordinary tread depth that provides with sticky grip on uneven and tough terrains and slippery surfaces, ensuring maximum stability and control, leading to peace of mind while challenging rocks, gravel, mud, and more.  

With a built-in rim guard, it has exceeded my expectations. The specially designed ejector bits allow maximum self-cleaning and traction, making it perfect for any terrain. What sets this tire apart is the option to choose from five different sizes, ensuring a perfect fit for your ATV.

I am thrilled with my purchase and highly recommend it. Built-in rim guard and extraordinary versatility, on top of multiple sizes make this model stand out.

What We Like:

  • 5 different sizes to choose from
  • 1-inch deep tread for extra-ordinary skid and traction control
  • Carefully formulated for outshining performance
  • Kevlar belt package for incredible resilience and sticky grip
  • Aramid belt for handling high-stress applications with ease 
  • V-shaped tread design provides unbeatable traction in any condition
  • Versatile functionality catering to a wide range of needs. 

What We Don’t Like:

  • not a fit for riding dunes and soft terrains

Best for Small ATVs: WANDA WU06 Premium 8 Ply ATV/UTV Tires

  • Tire Brand                      :Wanda
  • Tire Size                         :23*8-11 & 24*10-11
  • Ply Rating                      :8 Ply
  • Product Dimensions       :23*23*16 inches
  • Rime Size                       :11″
  • Tire Aspect Ratio            :60
  • Tire Diameter                 :23″
  • Rim Width                     :6.5″ & 8″
  • Section Width                :8″
  • Speed Rating                  :J
  • Load Capacity                :675 lbs
  • Weight                           :34 lbs
  • Load Index                     :60 & 70
  • Inflation Pressure            :22psi
  • Tread Depth                             :.71″
  • Construction                   :Bias

My friend recently upgraded his Foreman Rubicon ATV tires with this set of Wanda Tires, and let me tell you, they are a game changer. In this regard, special mention must be made of the Wanda-only ram horn shape tread and the special cone knob design.

As is made clear in the previous Wanda model review, the special tread and cone expel mud and make it easy to navigate through tough terrain like sand and gravel. I’ve used them on mud, sand, groove, hard pack, and loose loam terrains, and they have not disappointed me. I couldn’t be more excited about my purchase. 

Best 8 Ply ATV Tires

Heavy 8 Ply rated tire carcasses, all the tires here are credited with, stand for resistance unseen before and incredible durability and load capacity. The sidewalls have been strengthened for extra protection, so you can feel confident in taking on any adventure.

With these special carcasses, you’ll enjoy peace of mind knowing that your journey is sure to be a safe one; durability has been increased to ensure a longer lifespan, so you won’t have to worry about replacing them any time soon. 

A full set including 2 front and 2 tires and a wide range of sizes to fit the smaller ATVs you are fond of and some medium-sized ones. 

What We Like:

  • 8-ply construction meant for durability, resistance, and traction
  • aggressive tread patterns to cope with mud and dunes
  • superior steering capabilities
  • wide size range to fit any small ATV
  • recommended by veterans for performance on harsh terrains

What We Don’t Like:

  • not meant for most large ATVs
  • a bit heavier for the small ATVs

Factors To Consider Before Buying 8 Ply ATV Tires

You want to invest in high-quality 8-ply ATV tires preferred mainly for durability, longevity, and optimal performance on any type of terrain. However, there are multiple factors that need to be considered when looking to buy 8-ply ATV tires to make an informed decision. Let’s start with the purpose of your ATV use. 

Intended use of the ATV

The intended use of an ATV is the most crucial consideration when buying 8-ply ATV tires. It’s important to think about the terrain and conditions you will be riding on. If you plan on using your ATV for off-road adventures, then you’ll need tires that can handle muddy, rocky, or sandy terrains.

8-ply ATV tires are a great option for this type of use as they offer better puncture resistance and durability. If you plan to use your ATV for hauling heavy loads or towing trailers, then you’ll need tires that can handle the weight. 8-ply tires have a higher load capacity than lower-ply count options and can provide better stability when carrying heavier loads.

Finally, it’s essential to think about safety when choosing tires based on your intended use. If you plan on riding at high speeds or in challenging conditions, such as steep inclines or sharp turns, then having reliable and durable tires is crucial.

Choosing 8-ply ATV tires can help ensure your vehicle stays stable in these situations and reduces the risk of accidents due to tire failures. If it is used for heavy-duty work, then 8-ply tires may be necessary for added load capacity.

Another important factor is the terrain where the ATV will be driven if it is primarily used on rocky or rough terrain, then thicker 8-ply tires can provide better traction and stability compared to thinner options.

Weight and size of the ATV

The weight and size of your vehicle will impact the performance and durability of your tires, as well as affect its overall handling on different terrains. ATVs that are heavier or larger may require a more durable tire with thicker sidewalls to handle the increased load capacity.

Additionally, if you plan on using your ATV for towing or hauling heavy loads, it’s important to ensure that your tires can handle the additional weight without compromising their performance.

When selecting 8-ply ATV tires, it’s crucial to match them with the recommended tire size for your specific make and model. Using a tire that is too small or large could lead to poor handling and increased wear and tear on both the tire and ATV itself.

Overall, taking into account the weight and size of your vehicle will help ensure that you select a suitable set of 8-ply tires that meet both safety standards and enhance performance on various terrains. Larger vehicles may require heavier-duty tires in order to support their weight properly.

Durability: Strength of the tire

The strength of the tire is crucial in ensuring that it can withstand the harsh terrains and heavy loads that are common when riding an ATV. A tire’s durability is determined by several factors, including its construction, materials used, and tread design.

Typically, 8-ply tires are made with a strong carcass layer that provides added strength and stability. This layer helps prevent punctures and cuts from sharp rocks or other debris on the trail. Additionally, high-quality rubber compounds are often used to ensure that these tires can withstand extreme temperatures without cracking or deteriorating over time.

Another factor that contributes to a tire’s durability is its tread design. A well-designed tread pattern will provide excellent traction on various terrains while also helping to prevent premature wear and tear. It’s essential to choose a tire with a durable tread design that can handle rough terrain without losing traction or wearing it down too quickly. 

Traction: Grip on different terrains

As for traction, the type of terrain being ridden on is a crucial factor to consider when purchasing 8 ply ATV tires. For example, mud terrain requires tires with large lugs that can grip onto the soft ground effectively. The design of these lugs should be such that they self-clean as mud and debris build up in them, further ensuring maximum traction.

On rocky or gravel terrains, the focus should be on finding 8-ply ATV tires with tougher rubber compounds and a more aggressive tread pattern. This will enable them to withstand constant impact from rocks and sharp edges while providing optimal grip. It’s also important to look for tires with reinforced sidewalls for added protection against punctures.

For sand dunes or desert expeditions, ATV riders need lightweight but wide tires that can easily float over the sand without sinking too deep into it. Such tires typically have a lower profile and feature carefully designed treads that provide enough grip while also being gentle on the surface underneath.

Load Capacity: Weight-carrying ability

Load capacity refers to the weight that a tire can safely carry without compromising its performance or safety. Choosing tires with a load rating that matches your vehicle’s requirements is essential. Otherwise, you may experience handling issues and premature wear and tear.

It’s crucial to note that the load capacity of a tire also affects its inflation pressure. Tires with higher load ratings require more inflation pressure than those with lower load ratings. Therefore, it’s vital to ensure that your tires are inflated correctly according to the manufacturer’s guidelines.

In summary, selecting the right 8 ply ATV/UTV tire based on its weight-carrying ability is critical for ensuring optimal performance and safety on any terrain. Make sure you take into account your vehicle’s requirements before making any purchase decisions and always inflate your tires correctly according to their load rating specifications. 

Sidewall Protection: Resistance to punctures

Sidewall protection is an essential factor in buying ATV tires. The sidewall of a tire is the area between the tread and bead, which ultimately plays the most crucial role in supporting the weight of your ATV. A puncture or tear to the sidewall can lead to immediate loss of air pressure, resulting in dangerous driving situations.

To prevent such mishaps, it’s essential to choose 8-ply tires with robust sidewalls that offer resistance against punctures. These tires are designed with extra layers of rubber and reinforced steel belts that make them durable and resistant to sharp objects like rocks, thorns, and other debris on rough terrains.

It’s advisable to invest in ATV quality brands that prioritize safety by providing superior sidewall protection features. 

Price: Budget-friendly options available

When buying ATV tires, price merits focal attention. 8-ply atv tires are cheaper than their 10-ply rivals, but a 6-ply vs. 8-ply ATV tire discussion will tell you that the latter will claim a higher price. But it’s important to find a good balance between quality and affordability. Luckily, there are budget-friendly options available in the market that still offer durability and performance.

One way to save money is by purchasing from reputable ATV tire brands that offer reasonable prices. It’s also important to look for sales or discounts offered by retailers. Another option is to buy used tires, but it’s crucial to inspect them thoroughly before making a purchase.

However, it’s essential not to compromise on quality just for the sake of saving money. Choosing extremely cheap options may lead to frequent tire replacements and repairs, which can end up costing more in the long run.

So, always make sure that you’re getting your money’s worth by carefully examining the tire specifications and customer reviews before making a purchase decision.

Best 8 Ply ATV Tires

What are the Best 8 ply atv tires for the money?

You are in the market for 8-ply ATV tires but don’t want to break the bank. But with so many options on the market, how do you know which ones are worth investing in? Here you find 3 high-quality 8 ply tires, on top of the 8 products reviewed here, providing superior traction and durability without costing a fortune. 

One of the best 8 ply ATV tires for the money is the Carlisle AT489 ATV Tire. This tire offers excellent traction and durability on all terrains, including mud, snow, and sand. It also has a reinforced sidewall to resist punctures and damage from rocks and other obstacles on the trail.

Another top choice for an 8-ply ATV tire that offers great value is the ITP Mud Lite AT Tire. This tire is known for its aggressive tread design that provides outstanding traction in muddy conditions. It also has a durable construction that can handle tough off-road environments without wearing down quickly.

For those who want a high-performance 8-ply tire without breaking the bank, the Maxxis Bighorn 2.0 Radial Tire is an excellent option. This tire features advanced radial construction that provides superior stability and handling at high speeds, as well as enhanced shock absorption to smooth out rough terrain. Its deep tread pattern also delivers impressive traction in any condition. 

What are the best ATV tires for rocky terrain?

When conquering rocky terrain on an ATV, having the right tires can make all the difference. The ideal ATV tire for rocky terrain should have a strong grip and withstand sharp rocks without getting punctured easily. The first type of tire that is suitable for rocky terrains is an all-terrain tire with a tough construction that offers excellent traction.

Another option would be to invest in radial tires, known for their durability and ability to maintain their shape even under extreme stress. Radial tires also provide better traction, stability, and handling on rugged or uneven surfaces.

Lastly, mud tires could also be considered as they come with deeper treads that provide greater traction in muddy or slippery conditions and are highly resistant to punctures from sharp rocks.

Ultimately, choosing the best ATV tires for rocky terrain will depend on your individual needs, such as budget, frequency of use, and difficulty level of the trail you will be riding on. 

8-ply vs. 10 ply ATV/UTV tires

When the stake is to choosing ATV or UTV tires, one of the most important factors to consider is the ply rating. The ply rating, already made clear, indicates the number of layers that make up the tire’s carcass, with each layer providing added strength and durability.

Currently, 2-ply, 4-ply, 6-ply, 8-ply, 10-ply, and 12-ply tires are options on the market, and the first two are the most popular among novice riders. So, novice and small ATV users often engage in a heated debate – 2-ply vs. 4-ply ATV tires.

8 ply tires are made up of eight layers, while 10 ply tires have ten layers. Generally speaking, a higher ply rating means a more durable tire that can handle heavier loads and rougher terrain. However, this also means that 10-ply tires tend to be heavier than their 8-ply counterparts, which can affect handling and performance in certain situations.

In addition to weight considerations, there are other factors to keep in mind when choosing between 8-ply and 10-ply ATV or UTV tires. For example, if you frequently ride on rocky terrain or encounter sharp objects like tree roots or thorns on your trails, you may opt for a higher ply rating for added puncture resistance. On the other hand, if you prioritize speed and agility over sheer durability, comparatively lighter-weight 8-ply tires may be a better choice for your needs. 


What is 8-ply tires meaning?

The term “8 ply” refers to the number of material layers used to construct a tire. These layers are typically made from rubber and other materials such as steel or Kevlar for added strength and durability. The more plies a tire has, the more weight it can support and the better it can withstand punctures or other damage.

It’s worth noting that not all tires labeled as “8 ply” actually have eight layers of material. Some manufacturers may use different materials or construction methods to achieve similar strength and durability without needing as many plies. As always, it’s important to choose tires that are appropriate for your vehicle and driving needs. 

How to Determine 8 ply tires load range?

If you’re in the market for new tires, it’s important to select ones with the appropriate load range. The load range refers to the maximum weight capacity that a tire can support safely. For 8-ply tires, there are typically three different load ranges available: C, D, and E.

The easiest way to determine which load range is suitable for your vehicle is by checking the owner’s manual or consulting with a professional mechanic. However, if this information is not readily available, you can also check the sidewall of your current tires for their load range rating.

What are 8-ply trailer tires?

8 ply trailer tires are designed to withstand the weight and pressure of a heavy-duty trailer. As said several times, the term “ply” refers to the number of layers in the tire’s construction, with each layer providing additional strength and durability. In general, 8-ply trailer tires are considered to be among the most robust options available on the market.

When shopping for 8-ply trailer tires, it is important to pay attention to factors such as load capacity, speed rating, and overall construction quality. 

What air pressure should you have in 8 ply UTV tires?

Having the right air pressure in your ATV/UTV tires is crucial. With 8-ply UTV tires, the recommended air pressure can vary depending on a few factors. Generally, most manufacturers recommend a tire pressure of around 18-20 PSI for off-road use.

However, increasing the air pressure to around 22 PSI can provide better traction and prevent punctures if you plan for driving on rocky or steep terrain. On the other hand, if you are driving in softer sand or mud terrain, lowering the air pressure to around 12-15 PSI can improve flotation and grip.

How long do UTV 8 ply tires last on the pavement?

UTV 8-ply tires are designed to handle tough terrains and rough off-road tracks. However, they can be used on paved roads as well. The lifespan of UTV 8-ply tires on pavement depends on several factors, such as the quality of the tire, driving conditions, and maintenance. On average, UTV 8-ply tires can last anywhere between 3,000 to 10,000 miles when used exclusively on paved roads.

Wrapping Up

My narrowing down of 8-ply ATV tire options has made your 8 ply ATV tire selection way easier. And the quick summary helps you find the appropriate model for your specific needs. However, researching different brands and reading reviews from other ATV riders can provide valuable insight into the performance and durability of each tire. Comparing prices across various retailers can also help you find a good deal without sacrificing quality.

Overall, taking the time to consider all these factors carefully and do thorough research can make all the difference in selecting the best 8-ply ATV tire that offers reliable traction, stability, and durability on any terrain. As a result, this ensures a safer riding experience for both beginners and seasoned riders alike.

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