Best 3500 Lb ATV Winches of 2023: Top 5 Models Reviewed

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Winches are meant to be used in tight situations, and when it comes to selecting ATV winches, there are several factors to consider, but the most crucial of all is the rated line pull or load hauling capacity. The target winch must have enough power to handle loads, including your ATV, plus the maximum number of riders or the loads you want to pull. On it’s top, you’ll want a durable winch that can withstand tough conditions in any weather. 

If your calculation indicates that 3500 lb as winch capacity will suffice to get your ATV out of stuck situations and haul the loads easily, we have a rundown of 5 best 3500 Lb ATV winches from trusted ATV winch manufacturers for you. Going for any one of the listed winches is to ensure a multi-utility off-road friend determined not to leave you stranded. 

They will be of great help when pulling yourself out of stuck situations, hauling heavy loads that are impossible to move by other means, and pulling mobility scooters used by disabled people.

These top models come with state-of-the-art features like wireless remotes and heavy-duty rope that will answer your query; what is the best 3500 psi ATV winch perfect for any outdoor adventure? Let’s not waste more time and dive into the Best 3500 Lbs Winch list for ATVs.  

What Are the Best 3500 Pounds Winch?

The best 3500 lbs winch can efficiently pull heavy loads without giving any trouble. We have made a run-down of 5 winches proven to be reliable in different challenging situations; hence they are worth considering when shopping for a quality 3500 pounds winch. Here you go with short briefing over our notable mentions if you are running short of time for our detailed reviews.

Editor’s Choice: Champion 100428 ATV/UTV 3500-lb Winch Kit

With 1.4 horsepower and hi-tech polyethylene rope, this Champion ATV winch is an excellent investment for anyone who enjoys off-roading. Its advanced features make it easy and safe to use in any situation, while its robust construction ensures that it will last for years.

Best for Adaptability: ZESUPER 3500 lb 12V Electric ATV Winch

Zesuper electric winch is an excellent choice for anyone who needs a reliable and versatile winching solution for outdoor adventures. It can easily handle heavy loads and work perfectly for ATVs, UTVs, Jeeps, trucks, and other vehicles.

Best for Performance: WARN 101130 AXON 35-S ATV/UTV Winch

Warn’s new and innovative AXON 35-S series has upped the game for ATV winches by didn’t of performance and excellent features. With a pulling capacity of up to 3,500 lbs, this WARN ATV winch is perfect for handling rugged terrain and heavy loads.

Best Budget: ZEAK 3500 lb Advanced Electric Winch

The ZEAK 3500 lb Advanced Electric Winch is a perfect choice for those who want to enjoy the benefits of an electric winch without breaking the bank. This winch is designed to give you the power and performance to handle even the most challenging jobs while staying within your budget.

Best for Wireless Remote: ORCISH 12V 3500 Synthetic Rope Winch

One of the standout features of the ORCISH 12V 3500 Winch is its wireless remote to work from a distance of 50 feet. The superior quality synthetic rope is lightweight and easier to handle. They also don’t kink or fray like steel cables, so they require less maintenance.

Reviews of 5 Best 3500 Lb Winches for ATV

Choosing the right winch for your ATV can make all the difference in getting out of sticky situations on off-road trails or during other outdoor activities where you need power assistance. These five options are among the best-rated in this capacity and will deliver reliable performance when required. 

Editor’s Choice: Champion 100428 3500 Lbs Rope Winch Review

Technical Specifications:

  • Gear Ratio:              171:1
  • Rope Length:           50 ft
  • Rope Type:              Synthetic
  • Line Speed:              3.3 (loaded) & 9.8(unloaded) fpm
  • Product dimensions:15.6 x 12.8 x 7.1 inches
  • Horsepower:            1.4 hp
  • Weight:                    18.3 pounds
  • Motor (Permanent Magnet): 12v DC

Champion 3500 lbs Synthetic rope winch is atop our list because of its high-end features and unnerving performance backed by a 1.4 horsepower DC (12 volts) permanent magnet motor. Winching is made easier by the high-tech polyethylene synthetic rope meant for flexibility and durability.

Unlike steel/ wire winch string, this will serve you a longer rope life without the common hassle of kinking, fraying, and curling. Synthetic rope will not recoil with the same force as steel, as it retains zero kinetic energy. Unlike steel winch cables, synthetic ropes can be repaired in the field and float in water, so you will not have to worry about water damaging your rope.

Since it is free of wire splinters and burs, you will not have to wear gloves to handle the rope. The stainless thimble and protective sleeve are for prolonging the longevity of the rope and ensuring it is guided through the machined aluminum Hawse fairlead onto the drum. The three-stage planetary gear system, handlebar-mounted remote control, and free spooling clutch offers better control and efficiency. 

The Champion ATV winch drum measuring 1.5 by 3.2 inches, complemented by the heavier clevis hook and the handy strap, will add much to your adventure. Featured with a 50 feet long rope and robust motor, this 3500-lb winch can challenge any off-road situation. So, you can get out of trenches and mud quickly and travel with your ATV in places never imagined before.

I just drilled the frame, and the winch with the mounting plate was all set. Some extra bolts were necessary to add less than an inch of supplementary material. And wiring the winch was fun as it was a matter of mounting it in a preferred location and running the wires through. The only flipside is the stubborn control button that needs pushing hard to make the winch go up and down smoothly.

Final Verdict: Champion’s widespread customer support, 2-year limited warranty, and free lifetime technical support have made it a must-include winch in lists of best ATV winches. Two support bars on the racks of my ATV front have made Champion ATV winch installing a breeze.  

What we like:

  • Sleek back finish to catch your eyes
  • Satisfactory line speed to accomplish task faster
  • A free-spooling clutch for easier winching
  • Gear reduction ratio 171:1 for increased efficiency
  • Lightweight and compact but heavy at pulling
  • The machined hawse fairlead ensures zero rope wear
  • Responsive customer support
  • Lifelong technical and a 2-year limited warranty
  • Easy to install and beginners-friendly 

What we don’t like:

  • The control buttons require high-pressure push
  • It does not use a rocker switch
  • Wiring cables are not long enough in some cases 

Best for Adaptability: ZESUPER 3500 lb Electric ATV Winch Review

Technical Specifications:

  • Rope Type:                Synthetic & Wire
  • Product dimensions: 300mm(L) x 110mm(W) x 105mm(H)
  • Horsepower:              1.5 hp
  • Gear Ratio:                153:1
  • Rope Length:             Φ5mm*10m
  • Weight:                       17.6 lbs(steel cable) & 15.4 lbs (rope)
  • Motor: (Permanent magnet) 12v DC

ZESSUER is a loved back-country tool brand offering strong and reliable products to enable off-roaders to derive the thrill while keeping the spirit of strength, courage, fearlessness, and enthusiasm up. ZESPUER 3500 winch is the second-best or a runner-up on our list of the best 3500 lb ATV winches. The winch has a permanent magnet 12 volts DC permanent magnet motor with 1.5 power output. 

The winch string is a standard 50 ft one, and you can pick synthetic rope or steel wire as this ZESPUER 3500 lb model offers both. The motor is made from copper, enabling it to withstand high temperatures and perform efficiently.

As for synthetic rope, it is durable, lightweight, and less prone to damage. The polyethylene rope is heat treated with twelve-strand construction, making it ten times more solid than conventional ropes. Thus, it will support you equally in rain and shine.

Featured with a three-stage planetary gear system with a gear reduction of 198:1, I enjoy a fast line speed resulting from its large speed ratio and steady hold. True to its IP67 rating, it will work undamaged by water while resisting corrosion. Thus availing of this winch means ensuring long-lasting off-road rescue, worth an inexpensive bargain.

Final Verdict: ZESPUPER claims to be designed for complex activities and situations, such as rough terrains or muddy and sandy places. The all-steel body protects the winch covered in black frosted paint that is non-corrosive. The winch comes with lifetime technical support and a limited warranty for up to one year

What we like:

  • Used for a wide range of vehicles besides ATVs
  • Highly adaptable to challenging off-road terrains
  • Stable and fast line speed for efficient winching
  • Good quality against the price
  • Simple and hassle-free wiring
  • Easy to install
  • Quiet at working 

What we don’t like:

  • The cables are not long enough in some cases
  • Instructions are not labeled properly
  • Some users have reported troubles with the control remote 

Best for Performance: WARN 101130 AXON 35-S ATV/UTV Winch Review


  • Performance:              12V DC
  • Horsepower:               1.2 hp
  • Weight:                        3.2 ounces
  • Gear Ratio:                 168:1
  • Product dimensions:   12.2 x 17.32 x 5.91 inches
  • Rope Length:              50′ x 7/32″
  • Rope Type:              Spydura Synthetic & Steel Wire

This is Warn, and so you can bet it will be the long-lasting and the most reliable off-road friend. So, in search of the best 3500 lbs winch for ATVs, mentioning Warn is a must. This weight capacity of WARN AXON 35-S winch series offers two models featured with steel wire and roller fairlead and synthetic rope with hawse fairlead.

True to its fame and popularity, Warn 3500 winch ensures rope-specific fairlead. This versatile winch string facility and several other Warn-exclusive features are what I like most. Spydura synthetic rope of 50′ x 7/32″ is made of a unique high-modulus polyethylene material offering high resistance and durability. The steel wire offers excellent tensile strength making your rescue safe.

The rope option is unbeatable as it is lightweight and resistant to abrasion. Coming to the innovative Warn-only features, you have Motactor, which combines the winch motor and digital contractor in a single unit, making winch installation easier and ensuring robust performance.

The IP68 waterproofing ensures you can use your ATV in mud, rain, and other elements without worrying about your winch not working. 

While a three-stage planetary gear system is common with trusted manufacturers for better efficiency, mechanical brakes are a signature addition for improved control. It is needless to say excellent reduction ratio, greater output torque, a wider range of deceleration, etc.

This Warn Axon 3500 is coated in a satin black powder-coated finish and stainless-steel fasteners for a more corrosion-resistant body that keeps elements at bay. Unmatchable durability results from the full-metal construction and the one-piece tie plate, increasing structural rigidity and, thus, more safety. But my only complaint is the high-end price worth several average winches.  

Final Verdict: A limited lifetime warranty for its mechanical parts and a 3-year warranty for its electrical components speak volumes for the quality and durability the manufacturer is confident of. I found it super compatible with my Honda UTV and so fondly credit it to be the best UTV winch for Honda. 

What we like:

  • Load-holding brake for safe winching
  • All-metal three-stage planetary gear for unbeatable control
  • Control switch on the dash compensate for the wireless remote
  • Motactor technology for easier installation and superior performance
  • A rocker bar digital control switch with a handlebar mount adaptor
  • Warn-exclusive digital control is of outstanding reliability, temperature and load information

What we don’t like:

  • Pretty expensive for novice riders
  • No wireless remote for safe distance winching
  • Modification might be mandatory for some ATV models

Best Budget: ZEAK 3500 lb Electric Winch Review


  • Rope Length:             3/16 inch x 50 feet
  • Gear Ratio:                153:1
  • Product dimensions: 11.7” x3.97” x4.13”
  • Rope Type:             Synthetic rope
  • Line Speed:             3.2 (loaded) & 13 (no load) fpm
  • Weight:                   19.61 pounds
  • Performance:        12V DC
  • Horsepower:          1.1 hp

On our list of the best 3500 lb ATV winch, we have ZEAK 3500 lb. advanced 12v dc electric winch, which has a horsepower of 1.1, 210 Amp, 12V permanent magnet motor, enough for uninterrupted winching. Unlike the models reviewed above, this single-stage planetary gear system is a new upgrade for a faster line speed and more pulling power.

The IP65 powder-coated surface avoids corrosion even when working in extreme weather conditions, and the super-duty material guarantees service without fraying.  

ZEAK uses highly durable 3/16-inch x 50 feet synthetic winch rope that is safer and more convenient. This 12v winch synthetic rope is perfect for any outdoor towing work – outdoor hunting, plowing, and stacking wood. Being lighter and compact, the overall weight increase is nominal and not a hassle while riding and racing.

Zeak 3500 winch review will remain incomplete if I do not talk about the universal mounting plate, which will fit almost any vehicle and your ATV with some modifications. 

Its wireless remote has an astounding range of 26-32 ft and a 9.5’ long handlebar rocker that allows towing or any winching activities from a safe distance. Being in PVC casing means it is operable even in low temperatures. A ¼” clevis hook, the Hawse fairlead, and 3.15” mounting bolt make installing and using easier.

Final Verdict: Equipped with a weather-resistant solenoid, it can work under any harsh weather. So you can enjoy a fun ride even in wetlands and submerged trails. And all those high-end features come at a fraction of the price the top-rated winches claim. It is a decent option for the money, if not a steal. 

Why we like:

  • Good quality and performance
  • Single-stage planetary gear system for better control
  • Speedy line speed compared to the average products
  • Universal mounting plate to modify at need
  • Long-range remote-control towing
  • One-year limited warranty

What we don’t like:

  • Unsafe relay box and safety fuse as not insulated
  • Wireless remote not up to the expectations
  • Mount is not included
  • Mismatch between the physical product and advertisement 

Best for Wireless Remote: ORCISH 12V 3500 Synthetic Rope Winch Review


  • Product dimensions: 11.2’’X 5.9”X13.7”
  • Weight: 16.7 pounds
  • Rope Length: 30′
  • Horsepower: 1.4 hp
  • Performance: 12V DC
  • Rope Type: Synthetic
  • Gear Ratio: 138:1

Orcish challenges off-road odds and obstacles. They stand for well-engineered and durable equipment and tools meeting the demand of all powersports vehicles – especially 4WDs.

Orcish 3500 lb. synthetic rope atv winch-with wireless remote is suited explicitly for ATVs and UTVs with two operation modes- you can use it manually or remotely. The wireless remote has a range of 50 ft and can efficiently accomplish the recovery process within this range.

The waterproof construction with matte black polish and the sealed engine do not stop the winch from working even if the weather is adverse – water, rain, and snow and it keeps winching undamaged. And the synthetic rope is a perfect complement to this connection.

So, you can still go out for rides during extreme weather, making it a worthy candidate for appearing in the best 3500 lbs ATV winch list. Like our other winches, this also uses a permanent motor that generates much power and has a three-stage planetary gear system for superior control, smooth pulling, and improved winching efficiency.

You will also get the benefit of a built-in breaker which will allow your winch to stay protected against overloading and short circuits. It also has a double-layer drum that can reduce the risk of wire rope wrapping and keep your vehicle safe from any harm.

Final Verdict: The winch comes with lifetime technical support and a one-year limited warranty which is simply irresistible. I have been using it for my Polarish Ranger and will not shy away from calling it the best winch for polaris ranger 1000. This short orcish winch review and user reports are witnesses to my claim.

What we like:

  • Sealed engine and waterproof construction for all-weather applications
  • Full-metal permanent magnet motor for undisturbed power backing in operation
  • Designed to work protected against overload and short circuit
  • It is easy to install, and wiring is a breeze
  • The longer-range wireless remote is unrivaled

What we don’t like:

  • The relay box is not sealed and not waterproof
  • Wires seem to differ in length, and some need to be shortened while others are not long enough
  • Relay box Terminals take too long to get installed and work properly

How much can a 3500 lb winch pull?

A 3500 lb winch is a common type used for various purposes. This type of winch is suitable for pulling light to medium loads, such as ATVs, UTVs, and small trailers. The weight capacity of this winch means it can pull items with a maximum weight of 3500 pounds.

The pulling capacity varies depending on several factors, such as the angle of the cable and the condition of the surface where you are pulling from. If you pull an object at a straight angle with no incline or decline, you should be able to pull up to 3500 pounds without any issues.

However, your winch’s pulling capacity will decrease if you attempt to pull an object uphill or through mud or sand.

How many amps does a 3500-lb winch draw?

The number of amps a 3500 winch draws varies depending on the weight of the load being pulled, along with other factors such as cable length and thickness. Generally, most 3500 winches draw between 250-300 amps when operating at maximum capacity.

However, it’s important to note that using a winch at its maximum capacity for prolonged periods can lead to overheating and damage to the electrical components.

Overall, while it’s difficult to provide an exact amperage value for a 3500 winch without knowing specific details about its usage, users should aim to operate their winches within safe limits to avoid damaging both the equipment and themselves. 


How strong of a winch do I need for ATV?

When choosing a winch for your ATV, the first consideration should be the weight of your vehicle. A general rule of thumb is that you need a winch with a capacity of at least 1.5 times the weight of your ATV. So if your ATV weighs 500 pounds, you’ll want a winch with at least 750 pounds of capacity.

In addition to weight, you also need to consider how you’ll be using the winch. If you do heavy-duty pulling or recovery work, you’ll want a more robust winch with more pulling power. However, a smaller, less powerful option may suffice if you use the winch for light-duty tasks like moving small logs or debris.

What size cable is on a 3500 lb winch?

The size of the cable on a 3500 lb winch is typically around 3/16 inches in diameter. This cable is made of high-quality steel and is designed to be strong enough to handle the weight of heavy loads. It is also coated with a layer of zinc or other material to protect it from rust and corrosion.

When selecting a winch cable, it is essential to consider the weight capacity, length, and thickness. A longer cable may be necessary when pulling objects from farther, while a thicker cable can provide additional strength and durability.

What Should I Do to Maximize the Performance of Winch?

Maximize your winching power by positioning the winch vehicle as far away from the load as possible for maximum pulling capability. Ensure the winch and rope are properly tensioned, and there is no slack in the rope before you start pulling.

Another tip is to use an appropriate weight rating for your winch. A 3500 lb winch is best suited for vehicles weighing up to 2500 lbs.

What Type of Cable Should I Use for Winch?

Synthetic rope is the best option for an ATV winch. It’s lighter and stronger than steel cable, making it less likely to snap under tension. The synthetic rope also won’t splinter or fray like steel cable, so it’s much safer. But some users prefer steel cable in some cases.

How Often Should I Maintain My ATV Winch?

It’s recommended that you inspect and maintain your ATV winch regularly. This includes checking for frayed or worn rope, corrosion, cracked housing, and any other issues that could cause the winch to fail. It’s also important to lubricate the winch components with an appropriate lubricant, such as waterproof grease.

What Are the Benefits of Using Wireless Remotes for ATV Winch?

It allows you to operate the winch from a safe distance, increasing safety and allowing you to get the job done faster. Remotes also will enable you to adjust the speed of the winching process with precision. You can use Bluetooth-enabled devices for ultimate convenience.

Wrapping Up

Choosing the best winch for your ATV takes leg work and time with so many models on the market. However, our first-hand experience and extensive research have led us to believe these five best 3500 lb ATV winches to be the best friend in need when stuck on off-road trails.

Our top pick is Champion Power Equipment 100428 Winch due to its superior performance, lightweight, and ability to handle heavier loads. We highly recommend this model as it offers an outstanding balance of affordability and quality. 

ZEAK Advanced Electric Winch is the best budget option if the pocket is a significant issue. Its advanced features enable it to do the unthinkable in need. And availing of it will not break the bank. 

That said, no matter which winch of these 5 you choose, you will find it the most efficient and prompt if and when needed.

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